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26 Nov

It’s A River Monsters Roundup, Featuring The Greenland Shark And Skate

It’s been a BIG week for fish in the news and we’re bringing you two incredible stories involving two rare beasts as seen on River Monsters: the skate and the Greenland shark!

It's a monster skate! (Photo Credit: Jeff Rotman/Getty Images)

A fisherman in Florida made what will likely be the greatest catch of his life. He hooked a 14-foot, 800-pound skate off the coast of Miami Beach, according to ABC News, before tagging it and releasing it back into the water.

A Greenland shark. (Photo Credit: Franco Banfi/Getty Images)

In Canada, two good Samaritans helped a sick Greenland shark they saw thrashing on the shores of Newfoundland. As they approached it, they discovered a two-foot hunk of moose meat stuck in the shark’s mouth and removed it using a rope. After that, the shark swam away. Only in Canada! Or maybe Maine… Anyway, you can read more about the shark via Yahoo! News Canada.

Want more proof of these two rare species? Check out our Legend of Lochness photo gallery (featuring the Greenland shark) and read all about skates and rays at!

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