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2 Oct

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Snake regurgitates dog

What is it about snakes that captivate us? We think it’s all about how they use their bodies to do unimaginable things (See: decapitated snake bites itself). 

Snake and dog
A python began regurgitating a whole dog while a camera rolled in Bangkok. (Photo Credit: The Huffington Post/YouTube user kai kongza)

Our theory was confirmed after we came across this video of a snake regurgitating a WHOLE DOG posted on The Huffington Post, by way of YouTube user kai kongza.

WARNING: This video isn’t for the faint of heart, so please watch with caution. It may have scarred some Animal Planet employees for life.

Even for a carnivorous predator, the python has some boundaries. The Huffington Post quotes a reptile expert, who believes the snake vomited its meal because the dog was too large to digest.

Not surprising, considering this video from our Animal Planet vault:

Want more snakes? Sit back and watch our collection of snake videos on

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