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17 Oct

Deadly Wasp Attacks on the Decline in China



Here's some good news for the people of Ankang, a city in China's Shaanxi province. Deadly wasps, whose stings have taken the lives of 42 people, seem to be on the decline as the number of cases of severe stings has decreased over the last week. The number of cases was as high as 40 per day in September and were now down to about 10 per day in early October. No cases have been reported in the last five days.

According to CNN, the wasp, formally known as Vespa mandarinia, carries a venom that destroys red blood cells. Yet, as with any stinging insect, allergic reaction to the sting is just as dangerous, if not more so, than the venom.

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Watch how Turtleman (Ernie) traps wasps safely and effectively with his homemade bottle trap:

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