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24 Sep

Party animal: Feral pig downs 18 beers after ransacking campsite

A feral pig, like this one, downed 18 beers in a single sitting. (Photo Credit: ThinkStock)

The term “party animal” took on a literal meaning after a feral pig crashed a campsite and downed 18 beers earlier this month.

It all happened in Port Hedland, Australia. While a group of campers slept, the pig made its way through the campsite and started rummaging trash bags for food. When the campers awoke to see what was happening, they saw the pig gnawing through beer cans. After all was said and done, 18 cans, or 3 six-packs, were opened and consumed.

The pig then made its way underneath a tree, “possibly nursing a hangover,” according to The Guardian.

Hilarious, right?

It is, until you remember Invasion of the Mutant Pigs, our special on the wild pig population in Texas that aired during Monster Week. Not only are feral pigs violent and capable of attacking humans, they also carry brucellosis, which can contaminate local water supplies and cause flu-like symptoms. Making matters worse is that one female pig can give birth to up to 20 piglets a year, so the population grows at a rapid rate.

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And please drink responsibly.

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