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30 Sep

Is Our Seafood Safe to Eat?

Recently reports of fish testing positive for radioactivity have been flooding the internet.While several experts have reassured Americans that our fish is safe to eat, these recent developments are a cause for concern for many consumers. 


Photo Credit: Richard Herrmann/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis


Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist in marine chemistry and geochemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has been busting fish myths and educating the American public on the safety of its fish supply. While there is no immediate cause for massive changes, there is concern over leakage of the radioactive substance known as strontium-90. ""It is taken up by and concentrated in bones, where it remains for long periods of time.... If leaks of strontium-90 continue, this radionuclide could become a larger concern in small fish such as sardines, which are often eaten whole."

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Our own Jeremy Wade (host of River Monsters) traveled to Chernobyl in search of a legendary radioactive catfish. Watch the video below for more on his adventures. 


Click here to read Dr. Buesseler's FAQ on radiation from Fukushima

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