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16 Sep

Animals weather the storm during Colorado floods

Heavy rains and flooding have crippled parts of Colorado, where six people are dead and hundreds have been reported missing, according to various news outlets. In the midst of the devastation, however, uplifting stories involving animals have emerged, as shares.

Nicky Toor, 15, is pulled by his dog Chaco down Ninth Street alongside North Boulder Park September 12, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado. (Photo Credit: Dana Romanoff/Getty Images)

Responders from the Larimer County Sherriff’s office have evacuated 475 pets, while the National Guard evacuated one man and his 7 pets (4 dogs and 3 cats).

Not only have animals been rescued, some have also rescued others. In Denver, a guide dog saved his seeing-impaired owner after getting knocked over by floodwaters. As the man struggled, the unnamed guide dog jumped into rising water and went after his owner. Both were swept into a drainage curvert, where they were stuck for nearly 20 minutes, before a police officer and a paramedic rescued them, according to the Denver Post. The paramedic credited the dog and said he believed the man held onto the animal to stay afloat.

As rescue efforts continue in Colorado, places from high schools to churches have turned into emergency animal centers, while area humane societies and animal shelters continue to work on reuniting owners with their animals. Click here for more information on locating pets and how you can help.

Want to watch more animal rescues? Watch these videos for heroic moments captured on camera and learn more about our ROAR campaign.

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