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13 Aug

[WATCH] Breaking Wild: Turtleman's Tribute to Breaking Bad

This past Sunday Walter White (the world's most infamous meth maestro) returned to television with the FINAL EPISODES of AMC's Breaking Bad. Earlier in the month a video which features Brian Cranston and his chilling rendition of the poem Ozymandius went viral garnering more than half a million total views. 

Upon seeing this spectacular work of art, the amazing and creative team at Sharp Entertainment sent over the gem you see below which features our good ol' buddy Neal reading from the epic Gilgamesh


Thank you Ernie & Neal for being a part of the ever expanding Animal Planet family. If there's one thing we've learned from watching Call of the Wildman it's to TREAD LIGHTLY...or you may step on a very unhappy critter! YIYIYIYIYI LIVE ACTION! 

Want More LIVE ACTION? Follow Ernie & Neal on Twitter and LIKE the Call of the Wildman page on Facebook!

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