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12 Aug

Testicle-Biting, 'Ball-Cutter,' Pacu Fish Discovered in Scandinavian Waters


 The red-bellied pacu is related to the flesh-eating piranha. MORE PACU PHOTOS >>

Jeremy Wade has provided plenty fair warning in past River Monsters episodes of the dubbed "ball-cutter" pacu fish, making international headlines over the last few days. The testicle-biting pacu, a relative of the piranha and native to South American waters, was discovered by fisherman off the coast of Sweden in Oresund Sound.

Authorities are warning swimmers to keep their swimwear on — fishermen, after sustaining severing bites and losing their testicles, have reportedly bled to death.  This is the first sighting of this Amazon-native in European waters. A pacu was caught in Illinois waters last summer - get Jeremy Wade's expert insights on the fish.

The pacu can grow up to 3 feet in length and up to 55 pounds.  They mostly feed on fruits, nuts and small fish and are not typically a danger to people. However, human testicles are an ideal size and fit for the pacu mouth making it an easy target ... i.e. Gentleman, think twice before skinny dipping in Scandinavia!

Get more on the pacu, the "Nutcracker Fish," featured on River Monsters:


And, learn how to reel in a pacu from Jeremy Wade in the How to Catch a River Monsters series:





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