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14 Aug

Real Time Rescue Report: Notes From Villalobos

Surprisingly Human isn't just our catch phrase – it's a way of life and a mantra that all who walk among the walls of Animal Planet live by daily. Over the course of this blog we've done our best to share our stories of what it's really like to work here. More often than not they are a ton of fun and show off what a bunch of goofballs we all really are. Other times, we are reminded of why we bring you these sometimes difficult to tell and always inspiring stories of every day people dedicating their lives to animal conservation and awareness.

Recently on a shoot Pit Bulls & Parolees Executive Producer Lisa Lucas witnessed an incredible rescue. Her words are ahead.


The dog was in the upper 9th Ward, tied inside an abandoned house with the roof partially caved in. It had to be 100 degrees inside. He had a ziptie around his neck, which cut deeply into his skin, and he was tied to an exposed wall stud with wire. A 25 pound bag of dog food was left beside him by whomever dumped him, but it was empty and torn to shreds. When Tia and Earl brought him back to the warehouse, he sat with Earl and big bowls of food and water. I reached out to pet him and he was happy for the attention. His back was bony and covered with sores, probably from flea bites.  


The dog pictured above doesn't yet have a name but is currently recovering at the Villalobos Rescue Center. He is an example of both how cruel and how selfless humans are. On behalf of all of us here at Animal Planet, we thank you Tia and everyone at Villalobos for the tiny miracles you perform every day, for the hope you bring to people and animals and for being so Surprisingly Human. 

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