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14 Aug

MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Decapitated Snake Eats Itself

This could very well be the most shocking animal video we've ever seen. It's a clip of a decapitated copperhead snake eating itself.

Yes, you read that correctly: decapitated snake eating itself. Just see for yourself:

The video was uploaded to Facebook by a man named Sam Billeter, who wrote that he killed the copperhead after finding it in a woodpile he keeps in the backyard (in his defense, he did it to protect his family, including his son and dog). In true viral fashion, media outlets picked up the video, which is how we came across it. We see a lot of animal footage, both good and bad, here at Animal Planet, but this is one is unlike any other. How so? Our reactions varied from “OMG” and “Oh. My. God,” to “spectacular” and "OMG :("

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Let us know what you thought of the video in our comments section. And try not to scream in the workplace while you watch it (unlike some of us).

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