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22 Aug

Introducing Roach-O-Vision!

As much as the Roaches in the Cockroach Cam love their kitchen digs, they felt that they needed to improve on it.  Home improvement experts say that the best place to earn equity on a home is to spruce up the kitchen. What better way to add value then to install a gigantic TV that only TCTV Electronics can deliver?Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 4.50.31 PM

Introducing Roach-O-Vision:  The network that all Cockroaches enjoy.  Specializing in vintage, little-known programming, Roach-O-Vision offers self-improvement tips to get you through the week, then shows a Friday Flick to help you unwind for the weekend.

The best part about the Friday Flick?  You get to choose!

Check out the choices in the description tab of Cockroach Cam and vote VIA the Cockroach Chatroom or Twitter using #apliveflick.

Playing now on Roach-O-Vision: some great tips on planning a hot date!

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