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April 2013

26 Apr

Ice Cold Gold: Meet Hard Rock Miner Josh Feldman

Credit: Heath Grantham

Last week you met the great cast of Ice Cold Gold in our season premiere. Tune in again this Sunday at 10PM E/P to see what new discoveries the crew is making in Greenland.

In the meantime, we had a chance to talk with hard rock miner Josh Feldman in an effort to get to know him a bit better. Learn about his experience growing up in Arizona, what brought him to Greenland and why he hates the cold below!

Animal Planet (AP): Tell us a little about yourself. You’re from Arizona, and you, your brother and your best friend (Gator) were brought on for your hard-rock mining expertise. What is life like for you in Arizona?

Josh Feldman (JF): I spent my life growing up in Apache Junction, Ariz., where my family owns some gold rock mine property. That's where my expertise comes from - I grew up in the mines and worked there through the years. When we wound up with this opportunity to take off and go to Greenland, I thought what better way to test my skills. It seemed like the ultimate adventure and what better place could there be to find gold?

The appeal of heading to Greenland was that it had been untouched. Our mines in Arizona have been around for over 100 years - we didn't get to find them first hand. That opportunity of discovery is gone for me in Arizona, but I had that chance in Greenland. It wasn't the dessert - but I still had to use the same instincts: follow my nose and set off to discover some unknown properties. That's the dream - that's what made me want to go to Greenland.

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25 Apr

Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog: Mario Meets Adoring Fans at His First Pet Expo



It's pet expo day - which means GO TIME for Mario! Shorty takes the growing pup to his very first expo to see how he'll do around the loud, busy atmosphere and fans. This is one of the last big tests for Mario to see if he can handle the life of a service dog and being at Shorty's side 24/7.

If he doesn't do well with all the attention and people, he could be out of the running for Shorty's Top Dog!  Can he handle the pressure?  All the LOVE and adoration from the fans?! He's been a good boy, a GREAT boy, so far! ... See how he does in his big Final Exam:


 Watch the latest episodes at the Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog site >>


Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for Follow her on Twitter @beddychew or Facebook for the cutest animal posts EVER.

24 Apr

River Monsters: And Do The Harlem Shake

Sometimes even the best anglers need to let loose!

Between fishing and filming, Jeremy and the hardworking production crew from River Monsters have a lot of time on their hands. And as we see from this video, they had a quite a bit of it while waiting for a plane in Guyana. A layover never looked so fun!


Sometimes when filming in very remote locations, it takes time for news and trends to get to you. But once it does, it makes for a great video!

Remember to watch an all-new episode of River Monsters this Sunday at 9PM E/P on Animal Planet. In the meantime, visit our site, play Name that River Monster and watch highlights from the show!

24 Apr

WATCH: The Best of Finding Bigfoot's Bobo

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We know that now Finding Bigfoot isn't on air that you're all probably going through Sasquatch withdrawals.

Fear not! We've pulled together some of our favorite moments featuring the show's very lovable James "Bobo" Fay. He certainly provided many great moments this past season, including his experiment to anger a bigfoot by marking territory after consuming three gallons of water. Relive that moment and more in our "Best of Bobo" playlist!

Jodi Westrick is a Digital Media Producer for Follow her on Twitter @jodilyn and/or instagram @jodilynw for photos of and posts about her ridiculously cute cats, Otis and Etta.

23 Apr

Take a Break: It's Time for a Cat Nap

17n6zIt's that time of day again. Where you find yourself reaching for your fourth cup of coffee but the caffeine just isn't doing the job. You're ready to curl up under your desk and take a nap.

Nope, we've never been there. Not at all.

So, because we all know you can't REALLY crawl under your desk for a nap, take 15 minutes to watch these adorable clips of animals getting some much-needed shut-eye. Yeah, you'll be jealous, but they're so cute, chances are you'll be laughing and awwing before you know it - and before you can talk yourself into just five minutes of resting your head on the desk...


23 Apr

Animal Oddities: This is One Handsome Spider


By David Mizejewski


When you watch the video below of a male jumping spider, I just don't understand why even an arachnophobe wouldn't fall in love. I mean, this little guy is the most handsomest spider ever. Just look as his fashionable orange legs, his deep green eyes, and how meticulously he grooms his hipster mustache.

Beyond his good looks, this jumping spider also has a great attitude. Just look at the way to boldly takes in everything around him, with utter confidence in his ability to take on the world. A red ant wants you to get out of the way? "I don't think so." A giant human scooches you onto its hand? "Well, ok, I'll go for a ride, but the minute you try anything funny, I'm outta here." How can you not love such spunk?

He's even got a Facebook page.

Seriously though, the wonders of macro lenses really show what an amazing and almost alien world exists all around us, just at a scale that we wouldn't normally pay attention to or sometimes even see.

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21 Apr

River Monsters: Searching for a Killer Torpedo in Central America



In the heart of Central America, in a land known for its drug smuggling and remote jungle waterways, there lurks a man-sized KILLER.  It is said to reach eight feet in length and weigh around 300 pounds!  And, when it leaps into boats, it causes fatal injuries as it knocks fishermen unconscious and smashes their bones.

Tune in Sundays @ 9PM e/p for all-new episodes of RIVER MONSTERS.

Jeremy Wade is taken to the breaking point and beyond, as he had to relearn everything he knows about fishing in an attempt to catch this elusive River Monster.  How did he catch this beast? Watch the How to Catch a River Monster series and see for yourself:


Visit the RIVER MONSTERS site for more photos and videos >>

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19 Apr

Cute Dog Break: We Love Boston Terriers!


Credit: Keith Barraclough

There's something about the Boston Terrier that makes us smile. Those big, lovable eyes; its distinctive black and white markings; and its dapper style. Our Dog Breed Selector describes this pup perfectly: "It should convey the impression of determination, strength, sturdiness, liveliness, and style, with a graceful carriage." Pretty fitting for a dog that carries a city namesake like Boston, right?

This Friday, we're celebrating the Boston Terrier. Check out our playlist, and learn all about the breed in our Dog Breed Selector.

18 Apr

Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog: How to Train a Rapidly Growing Pit Bull Puppy



Mario is growing FAST and it's time to see if he can handle the basics of Dog Training 101! Being a service dog is a tall order and if he can't learn the basics — like, SIT — then Shorty's in trouble.

Shorty calls in trusted dog trainer Candy to work with Mario. Can he be a good boy?! How will he do?? Watch and see for yourself:




 Watch the latest episodes at the Pit Boss: Shorty's Top Dog site and stay tuned for more episodes >>


Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for Follow her on Twitter @beddychew or Facebook for the cutest animal posts EVER.

18 Apr

Ice Cold Gold: Meet Driller Americo DiSantis


Credit: Peter Stoddard

This Sunday, Animal Planet introduces a cast of eight hard-nosed men hoping to strike it rich in the snow, mountains and beastly elements of Greenland in its new series Ice Cold Gold. Each man comes from a different walk of life and has their own reasons for putting their life in America on hold for two months to head to a place where hidden gems were promised, but not necessarily guaranteed.

Meet Americo DiSantis, one of the men featured on Ice Cold Gold. We had the chance to chat with him and learn more about where he comes from, why he chose to head to Greenland and more.

Animal Planet (AP):Tell us a little about yourself. You’re from Philly and you said in the first episode that you’re not a miner, you’re a driller. What do you do in Philly and how’d you get into drilling?

Americo DiSantis (AD): I've always been in the construction field and have been drilling for about seven years now and got my license about three years ago. What the company I work for (AmeriDrill) specializes in is environmental drilling and directional drilling. We will go to sites and drill down to take soil and water samples so geologists can test it to see if there are contaminants in the ground. We also do geotechnical drillings to see how hard the soil is and how far down you'd need to dig in order to find ground able to support bridges and buildings. But the type of drilling we do that was most important for me while in Greenland was rock coring, where you drill down to bedrock and the core to sample the bedrock and see what's in the ground. It was key for Greenland since it's mostly exposed bedrock.

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