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1 Apr

BREAKING: Animal Planet Launches Nationwide Search for AMERICA’S NEXT GROUNDHOG


Americas-next-groundhog-500w(Silver Spring, Md.) — Breaking News from Silver Spring, Md., where SEVENTEEN inches of snow fell overnight. With cold temps, ice, sleet and snow still upon us, there is little doubt that it is STILL. WINTER.  Our old friend Punxsutawney Phil has clearly missed the mark and with a looming indictment, it’s time for new blood.  Enter, Animal Planet.

AMERICA’S NEXT GROUNDHOG will be a fierce, fluffy competition series that splits 10 wannabe weather forecasters into two teams and pits them head-to-head in a series of wild, never-before-seen weather challenges.  It’s eat or be eaten – may the best rodent win!

Traveling across the globe to some of the most remote and most hard-to-predict climates, competitors will struggle through eight hard weeks on the road and 24 wacky-weather challenges - all for just one shot at being crowned AMERICA’S NEXT GROUNDHOG.

Animal Planet dives headfirst into the burrow with dozens of exhilarating dares - from converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, to guessing the temperature to the nearest degree. Who will weasel their way into a spot in the next round - and which weather-guessing woodchuck will be chucked out the door? The eight-part AMERICA’S NEXT GROUNDHOG will premiere later this fall, just in time for the winning rodent to head into hibernation.





Editor's Note: Happy April Fools! 

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