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27 Mar

WARNING! Polar Bears: Cute and Cuddly but Also Deadly and Endangered



Who doesn't love polar bears? It's hard to resist how super cute and cuddly they look but they also command respect as being the largest land carnivore in the world and certainly one of the most dangerous predators. POLAR BEARS: EDGE OF EXISTENCE features Scottish wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan as he attempts to follow a polar bear mother named Lyra and her cubs Miki and Luca for a year in the Arctic. This special has everything…danger, drama, cuteness galore, humor, and straight up talk when it comes to climate change and the future of polar bears. The 2 hour special will be airing on Animal Planet on Wednesday, March 27 at 9PM E/P. Hope you tune in for what is really a great story on the polar bears of the Arctic.

In the meantime, watch Animal Planet's Top 20 Polar Bear Videos!

Krishna San Nicolas is a Producer who's been at Animal Planet since 2000. She's an Emerson Alum and a Zumba Dance Fitness Instructor. She's also mom to one daughter, Karis, dog Dakota, and two cats, Sox & Mahuri Mittens.  

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