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14 Mar

North Woods Law: Catching poachers through word of mouth

When it comes to protecting animals like moose, deer and coyote, our favorite game wardens rely on one of the most valuable resources in their arsenal: the public.

In tonight’s all-new episode of North Woods Law, wardens near the town of Ripley are faced with multiple doe poachings and little physical evidence to go on. With their investigation nearing a dead end, the wardens put out an alert through Operation Game Thief, a hotline that collects anonymous tips about poaching and offers rewards for information leading to arrests.

Unfortunately, poaching is more common than we may think. According to Operation Game Thief, the number of animals poached illegally in Maine is almost the same as those killed legally by licensed hunters, and with only 95 game wardens in the entire state, the warden service needs all the help and intel it can get.

Will tipsters come through for the Maine Game Wardens? Find out when tonight’s episode airs at 10PM EP. Until then, catch up on North Woods Law and watch last week’s episode:


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