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12 Feb

Too Cute Offers You Valentine's Day Tips!


Unsure what to do this Valentine's Day? Take a cue from the adorable animals of Too Cute! and treat those special people in your life appropriately!

And then do yourself a favor and tune in for the all-day marathon of Too Cute! starting at 9AM E/P on Valentine's Day!


First, make sure your primp yourself accordingly. A trip to the salon for a trim and blow-dry might be necessary.


For some pampering you can do together, consider a trip to the spa for a nice tea and leaf bath!

After that ordeal, share a nice meal together.

Make time for some napping, no matter what sort of hoops you have to go through to get there!

Coordinating pajamas are always a nice touch.

Haven't found love? Don't be afraid to look in an unlikely place! You never know who you might find!

And on Valentine's Day, don't forget those other important people in your life. Like your mom. Make sure she gets some time for "tubing"!

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