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8 Feb

Pit Bulls & Parolees: Villalobos Prepares for a NOLA Hurricane Season


       Villalobos floods during the first unexpected big storm


With hurricane season quickly approaching, Villalobos gets hit with the worst rainstorm yet, soaking the rescue under more than a foot of water.  Knowing that this is just the beginning, Tia sets in motion a plan to get everything ready just as a hurricane begins rolling toward New Orleans.

Storm on the Horizon premieres Saturday @ 10 p.m. e/p

Later, while going through her files, Tia uncovers a clue that may lead Mariah and the twins to track down a Katrina dog’s original owner.  And, trusted Villalobos employee Rico must step up to the plate and hit the road with Tia when his grandparents submit an application to adopt a shy puppy.


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