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9 Feb

Gator Boys: Snakes and Snakes and DEADLY SNAKES! OH MY!


Gator-boys-scared-snakelessThe Gator Boys need help after being slammed with a series of huge nuisance gators. Paul and Jimmy call "Big" Mike Easter, who comes from Florida to help. Mike arrives along with a truckload of venomous snakes hoping to do a snake show. Unfortunately, Curtis, who owns the Gator Ranch, has a phobia of snakes and freaks out.

Scared Snakeless premieres Sunday @ 9 p.m. e/p.


While Paul removes a big gator from a pool, an enthusiastic young boy jumps in to help. Paul must act fast to avert disaster!  Meanwhile, Ashley recruits Scott to help her with a new marketing scheme — but, when Scott realizes she wants him to dress in an alligator costume, he becomes less than cooperative.

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