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29 Jan

Puppies Predict the Super Bowl Winner!

Dogs have been faithful companions of humans for thousands of years, so we figure at this point, they have as good an idea as anyone of what we’re going to do – and how we’re going to perform.

That’s why we sought their help to answer the big question of the week – who will win the Super Bowl?

We placed dog-safe cake treats representing each city in the home of our Puppy Cam, and then let the puppies choose the Super Bowl winner with their taste buds.

Will it be Baltimore or San Francisco? Watch this video for the prediction and then see puppies play in Puppy Bowl IX! The event starts Sunday at 3pm on Animal Planet, but you can see stories behind this year’s Game Day pups, meet the starting lineup, watch highlights from past years and, my favorite, check out the most despicably cute clips in our arsenal.

So there you have it -- the prediction is made. Feel free to share with fellow fans -- and watch Puppy Bowl Sunday at 3pm!


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