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4 Jan

Pit Bulls & Parolees: It's Getting HOT in New Orleans in All New Episodes!

It's getting hot, hot, HOT in New Orleans as temperatures and tempers sore at Villalobos. 

TUNE IN: All New Episodes Return Saturday, Jan. 5, @ 10pm e/p!

In Saturday's episode, Tia grows weary of the parolees’ laziness, first going on a junk clearing rampage around the warehouse; then calling a meeting to call them all out!  Most of them take it in stride and do their best to step it up - except the newest parolee Randy. Don't miss this - it gets EXPLOSIVE.

And, a dog rescued in the searing heat gets a second chance when a trusted volunteer steps up to give the unusual-looking dog a new forever home. How could anyone not LOVE this sweet face??  I mean, LOOK:


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