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17 Jan

Pit Boss: Shorty & Hercules Visit Anderson Cooper, Bust Pit Bull Misconceptions


Shorty and Hercules arrived at the Anderson Live studios in NYC bright and early today to talk pit bull and bust some of the common misconceptions about the breed. 

I was also asked to join the show as resident live blogger in the audience and to add my chatter to the Twitterverse (Follow @AnimalPlanet now!). You can find tweets from the show on Twitter by following @AndersonLive and searching #AndersonLiveBlogger.

Backstage, Hercules lounges with Shorty in the Green Room

Hercules seemed sleepy. Oh, so sleepy.  And, soooo sweet.  It wasn't even 8 a.m. and he looked it.  Apparently though, that's just him 24/7 -- Hercules is one of the calmest, sweetest, most laid back dogs I've ever met. A dog's temperament speaks so much to an owner's love and care -- and, Shorty's clearly got a lot of that to give him.

I expected Hercules would liven up with the studio crowd and all the action! And, he was going to meet a rescued pittie in the audience.  But, no. He remained unphased on the couch, cuddled up next to Shorty.  Pretty sure he didn't even flinch when the other pup came out on the set.  Snoozing and opening his eyes ever so often, Herc was in his own happy world.  If only we could all enjoy a good dog's life.


During the interview, Shorty surprised Anderson with a special gift -- a custom painting created by his friend, Dawn Tarr.  Here's Shorty backstage before the show showing us the painting, featuring Shorty, Hercules, Anderson and his dog Molly: 


Now the question on all our minds posed by Anderson: Why exactly are pit bulls so misunderstood? There are many misconceptions around the breed due to media reports and, well, BAD people. The truth is, according to our friends at, pit bulls were found to be less aggressive than CHIHUAHUAS. Seriously.  Read up on this NOW >>

"These dogs are such a powerful breed.  ... You do not train these dogs to be guard dogs. ... Why would you train a dog to be vicious that has the power of the Incredible Hulk? ... You train these dogs to be your companions and then maybe they may protect you, they may not. But at least they're not going to maul somebody. ... It's the humans that are destroying the breed," Shorty said.

Does this sweet face look like it could EVER be mean to anyone??


A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU goes to the gracious Anderson Cooper, guest co-host Tatyana Ali and to the incredible Anderson Live team for covering the important issues we should ALL be talking about.

To animal lovers and, well - good, kind people everywhere: Listen to Mr. Cooper!  He knows what's up.


In case you missed it in the interview: Stay tuned for an online web series starring our beloved Hercules after the TV season finale of Pit Boss! Keep checking in here at for more details COMING SOON ...

Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for Animal Planet. During her 13+ year career as a web producer with the Discovery family, the topics she’s covered include sharks, dinosaurs, crab fishing, hoarding, cooking and now every animal you could possibly dream of.  Follow Betty on Twitter @BeddyChew or

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