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6 Dec

The Cuteness Returns and We're So Stinking Excited!


After a short hiatus, Too Cute is returning this weekend with an all-new episode of cute! The new episode premieres at 8 PM E/P, but if, like us, you can't wait that long, you can catch up on the season with episodes of Too Cute re-airing starting at 3 PM E/P!

Because we can't wait, we're sharing our five favorite moments from this season of Too Cute! Check them out below!


Pipsqueak Headbutts Puppies: I mean, come on. What's cuter than a litter of puppies? A litter of puppies getting greeted by a headbutting baby pygymy goat, of course!


Getting Used to Heights: We all know kittens are extremely curious. However, we can't help but to "Awww" at this kitten's urge to be courageous even though he's scared.


Ragdoll Kittens: Cute little kittens meet an adorable (and large!) German Shepherd. An unlikely pair that made us all "Awww" at our desks.


Mini Australian Shepherds: Even as puppies, these adorable Australian Shepherds have the instinct to herd. Just add ducklings and adorableness ensues!


Kitten Looks for New Mom: Try not to say "Awww" as the cutest little black and white kitty searches high and low for a new mom.

Need more cute? Tune in for an all-new episode of Too Cute this Saturday at 8PM E/P!


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