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7 Dec

Fix Your Pit Bulls and Parolees Withdrawal With These Clips!


With new episodes of Pit Bulls and Parolees not arriving until Jan. 5, we're going through a little bit of Villalobos and pit bull withdrawal over here. What about you?

To tide ourselves over til the big return, we've picked five of our favorite moments from this season of Pit Bulls and Parolees. We thought we'd share them with you in case you needed a little pit bull pick-me-up too.


Overrun With Puppies: Three words: Pit bull puppies. It doesn't get any more adorable than that.


Debbie Finds a Home: Debbie is a happy-go-lucky pit bull despite a hard life. This endearing clip is one that makes up happy.


Prada Gets Rescued: Tia is able to save the life of a pit bull who has been locked up for 14 months.


One Armed Dog Walker: Earl meets Alabama, a very powerful pit bull in this clip.


An Older Pit Finds a Home: Tia is overwhelmed when a woman wants to adopt an older pit bull, Mr. Meanor.


Tune in Jan. 5 at 10PM E/P when Pit Bulls and Parolees returns!

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