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14 Nov

WATCH: Don't Underestimate the Cockatoo

Think twice before you insult someone by calling them a "birdbrain." According to this video, birds may not be as helpless as you think. In fact, like us humans, this cockatoo knows a thing or two about getting what he wants.  


After seeing that a fence stands in the way between him and his peanut, Figaro the Goffin's cockatoo got creative and used his beak to break off splinters from a nearby wooden beam to reach his prize. His first few attempts may have been in vain, but after almost 25 minutes of prodding and nudging, his persistence and innovation proved successful. 

According to the Scientific American, Figaro is the first among parrots to be recorded making and using a tool to retrieve something that's not within its reach, proving a new level of thinking and problem-solving for its species.

And for this feat, we'll make Figaro an honorary member of our Most Outrageous Animals, right next to a close cousin of his: Einstein, the prodigy African Grey parrot.




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