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9 Nov

Was Bigfoot Spotted in Utah?


In a clip that has been making the YouTube rounds, hikers in Provo, Utah, appear to have captured a hairy, Bigfoot-like creature on film. The 48-second clip was uploaded by Beard Card and he writes in the description that they orignally thought the creature caught on camera was a bear. It wasn't until it stood up and looked at them that they realized it may have been something entirely different.

Take a look at the clip below and decide for yourself.

Do you think these hikers have anything on the Finding Bigfoot team? We recently added these great video bios for the members of the Finding Bigfoot team to give you a better idea of where each crew member comes from. Check out Bobo's below and click through to see Matt, Ranae and Cliff's.

Check out this amateur footage from campers in Utah that was featured on Finding Bigfoot. Do you think this is evidence of his existence?

To see even more Finding Bigfoot, tune in for an all-new season of Bigfoot evidence Sunday, Nov. 11, at 10PM E/P!

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