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20 Nov

Hurricane Relief: Jersey Shore Photos Help Animals in Need


Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast over three weeks ago yet there are still so many in dire need of help. The power's STILL out in many neighborhoods and families - pets included! - are hunkering down in the dark and cold.  Our sweet animal friends have been displaced and are still being found and in best case scenarios, reunited with their families. You can Like this Facebook page to get updates on Lost & Found pets

In New York, coastal areas are still cleaning up while the Jersey Shore was entirely flattened.  Hearts broke across the country as we all witnessed the devastation along the Atlantic coastline.  It's a place of fond childhood memories for millions, including Christine Zona, photographer and a New Jersey native.

Christine has launched a campaign to raise money to help all of those people who lost their homes or their pets.  At ZonaFoto, you can buy prints of her Jersey Shore photo series and proceeds go to the charities, Waves for Water and the ASPCA-NJ.  Get Christine’s story and see some of her photos below:

“I grew up in New Jersey. Most of my family and friends still live there and have been affected by Sandy.  I have so many summer memories spent on the Jersey Shore.  It is part of who I am.  Fishing and crabbing off my Grandparent's dock.  Riding my bike to the beach with my brother and cousins.  Pleading with my parents to go on just one more ride.  Playing arcade and boardwalk games all day.  Ice-cream, candy apples, zeppolis! Any time a friend would come visit me, the first place I would take them was the shore. It's an icon of New Jersey.  … I hope this series brings a few smiles to some faces who are suffering and most importantly raises some money to help them through this.” 














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