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1 Oct

Live Kitten Cam: We're Just as Obsessed as You



Hopefully by now you've become just as obsessed with our live kitten cam as we have because it was SO HARD not sharing it with you before we launched. We did hint that something special was coming back in August, though.

The kitten cam was a joint effort between several teams across Animal Planet and came as a result of wanting to do something fun after the success of Discovery Channel's own penguin and shark live cameras. It also helped that a popular program, Too Cute!, was set to premiere new episodes in October (tune in for the premiere Oct. 13 at 8PM E/P!). It gave us the perfect excuse to work with adorable baby kittens at the Washington Animal Rescue League - a Petfinder partner and a shelter local to Discovery/Animal Planet (which meant making numerous - and necessary - field trips wouldn't be a problem).

Video streaming by Ustream

[Watch Too Cute: See more cute kitten videos!]

Our in-house creative team came up with a charming concept involving an intricate Capitol building scratching post (more info on that to come tomorrow).

After the details of what kind of camera to use, how to set up the space, how many kittens would be reasonable and when to launch were all figured out, it was then time to meet the kittens! Which was perhaps the best part of this whole thing. We had a little photo shoot with Bashful, Sleepy, Doc, Dopey and Happy and the adorable results will be headed your way soon... but because they're so cute, we'll give you a little preview:


Can't get enough of these kittens? Stay tuned for more fun from us and check out some Too Cute video below:

Photos by Beth Caldwell

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