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5 Oct

Hyena vs. Elephant Butt and More 'Explosive' Eating Giants Video


Working at Animal Planet means you get to look at a lot of cute clips from shows like Dogs 101 or Too Cute or anything kitten-cam related. But it's not always cute content galore. I wish someone had given me that warning before watching this "explosive" clip from Eating Giants: Elephants, which premieres this Sunday at 10PM E/P.


Needless to say, I did not eat lunch that day.

If you had a chance to tune into Eating Giants: Hippo a few weeks ago, you'll want to tune into the Elephants version on Sunday. More fascinating, surprising and, at times, disturbing footage awaits you. This is only the teaser.

If you want more Eating Giants action, check out this playlist and be sure to watch on Sunday at 10PM E/P!

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