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23 Oct

Cats and Their Toys

We've had a lot of fun watching the kittens at the Washington Animal Rescue League play with their cat toys over the last month (see the adorable video of Dopey below).

So we thought we'd ask some Animal Planet staffers what their cat's favorite toys were. Naturally, most of them responded that commercial toys weren't always the most popular with their pets. See their stories below.

From Beth Stewart, Associate Creative Director:

Akeela's favorite toy is a paper bag. She LOVES to hide in them, then rip her way out and pounce on anything that walks by. We go through a LOT of paper bags at our house.

Keela in bag3

From Beth Stewart, Associate Creative Director:

Kona will play with anything. But recently he figured out that blueberries are particularly wily.  He spends a lot of time stalking and pouncing on one tiny defenseless piece of fruit.



From Sarah McMurdy, Marketing Manager

My name is Tenley and my favorite toy is a green frog named Froggie.  I like to take Froggie everywhere with me and leave it in the most unexpected places for my owners.  When I want my water changed, I throw Froggie in for a bath.  When I want Froggie cleaned, I sneak him into my owner's laundry basket!  I like to mark my territory with Froggie by also leaving it in their bed!  Froggie is my best friend and we have the most amazing adventures in the house together!




From Daniel Catzva, Research Strategist

My cat Lucy goes through phases with toys, however anything string-like is always popular with her (including shoe laces, drawstrings and cooked pasta). She was obsessed with a rubber snake I had on my desk, but she absolutely destroyed it.  Although I’ve bought many commercial toys, her favorite thing right now is a piece of rope I had in my closet.  I took a cut a small section of the rope and tied it to a stick using some fishing line – now she burns off a lot of her energy chasing it around my apartment.


What sort of toys do your cats enjoy playing with? Share them in the comments below!

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