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3 Oct

Behind the Scenes: Bringing the Kitten Cam to Life



We're just two days away from reaching one week of kitten cam cuteness. And we're happy to see that the set has, so far, survived. Why's that? Because a lot of hard work went into making the kitten's living space bright, lively and playful.

The first step was making sure the Washington Animal Rescue League was on board with the ideas our creative team had in mind. It involved a paint color change, bringing in some new kitty "carpet" and some neat displays that would also serve as scratching posts and naptime hangouts for the cats.

Check out some of our photos from the process:




Many of you have been curious about the awesome Capitol structure, which has dually served as a place for the kittens to scratch and have group naps. The focal point of the kitten room (well, besides the kittens...) was created by Paul Roberts of Understated Corrugated, LLC. Roberts is the creator of the Kittyblock, which is a modern-looking playspace for cats heralded for its minimalist aesthetic, function-packed design, and affordable price. He designed the Capitol structure and brought it to life with his team of engineers and manufacturers. We think it's safe to say that it's a hit.

So now that you know all that went into bringing the kitten cam to life, we'd love to hear what your favorite part of it all was. Share with us below!

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Photos by Beth Caldwell and Jen Fults

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