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14 Sep

Pit Bulls & Parolees: New Orleans, New City, New Photo Shoot



Timing is everything. The last shoot of the season we went to New Orleans for Pitbulls & Paroles. Tia Torres recently moved Villa Lobos from California to New Orleans and end of August seemed liked a great time to get new photos in the new city.

Our shoot was schedule for Aug. 21. This time we were shooting alongside of the TV production crew. It’s always nice when the Photo stills world can come together with the TV production world. The schedule was set and we were going to shoot in four locations, a very ambitious schedule. Each location would feature different cast members.  

The first location was a beautiful city park filled with iconic Live Oak trees where we’d shoot with Tia’s daughters, Tania and Mariah, and their dogs.


The famous Lafayette cemetery was our second location. We shot with Tia’s twin sons Kanani and Keli’i and two of their dogs.


Our third location was a neighborhood in the 9th ward. Tia was the featured talent along with a couple of her recently rescued dogs and some of the parolees who help raise them. The neighbors recognized Tia and were so excited to see us shooting!  The production company ended up asking some of the locals to be a part of the shoot. The energy was great.


This helped us get to the last location, the French Quarter. A final group shot of Tia and her family was planned. It was a beautiful location that truly says New Orleans. The cast looked great, a beautiful juxtaposition of the old gothic New Orleans with the tough and heroic cast and pit bulls.

And yes, timing is everything – one week later, Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Glad we didn’t wait!  Take a look at a photo from the shoot. Thanks, Photographer Bob Croslin.


Laura A. is a Photo Producer for Animal Planet.


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