Bites at Animal Planet

19 Sep

PANDA WATCH 2012: Glimpses of Smithsonian National Zoo's Baby Panda



EXCLUSIVE! See that pic I took above from the live panda cam?!  That little blob coming out of what looks like a panda face?  That's Mei licking her wee babe!  I promise - it really is.  I watched this happen ... for a LONG time. It was definitely her tongue.

Some people may be keeping close watch on the Smithsonian National Zoo's Panda Cam for fleeting glimpses of the newest addition (Me!).  Mommy Mei Xiang has been doing an excellent job caring for her newborn; unfortunately for us - the adoring public - that means she's keeping her teeny tiny cub close and out-of-sight as she grooms and nurses the little one.  It's like she knows the paparazzi are ready to pounce ...

Fortunately, I have a second computer monitor which comes in handy during the work day when there are important cams like puppies and pandas to keep close tabs on.  In case you missed it, here's a video snippet by the National Zoo as Mei cares for the cub, lifting him gently in her mouth.


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