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28 Sep

It’s Emmy Time! Animal Planet’s MADAGASCAR Nominated for Two News & Documentary Emmys


Coordinating Producer Krishna San Nicolas heads to the News & Doc Emmys to represent Animal Planet. She shares the details on the nominated program MADAGASCAR.

Madagascar-02-350x250Last year I was assigned to reversion a 3-part documentary series from the BBC called MADAGASCAR.  What is reversioning, you ask? Well, in production talk it means re-working a show and tailoring it for a network’s wants and needs. A Wiki article describes it as: A relatively recent phenomenon in television production, re-versioning (also known as reversioning or revisioning) is the process of re-releasing an existing production or an entire series, updated in some form, as a "new" show ...

Now that I’ve schooled you on what that is ... back to my story:

I was tasked with creating a 2-hour special out of three episodes. With mission accepted, I went to work on hiring my ‘A-Team’ – a freelance producer/writer, an editor, a researcher, and a sound engineer. After a month of some intense restructuring, rewriting, researching, and music replacing, the special premiered on May 1, 2011. It scored big in the ratings and became Animal Planet’s most-watched natural history telecast in four years! All the hard work paid off and earlier this year MADAGASCAR was nominated for two News & Documentary Emmys in the Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft category: Music & Sound and Cinematography (Documentary and Long Form).

On Monday, Oct. 1, I'm headed to the News & Doc Emmys to represent Animal Planet. It’s my first Emmy awards ceremony and I’m super excited but there’s one question that all of my friends keep asking me ... What are you going to wear!?

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