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13 Sep

Off the Hook Photo Shoots, On the Fly Changes


Photo shoots don’t always go as planned. In early June, we got a request to shoot some portraits of our new talent Eric Young from the show Off the Hook: Extreme Catches. We found out they were shooting the show in Rhode Island. As luck would have it, our Art Director is very familiar with Rhode Island and suggested we shoot in Charlestown, R. I.  He knew some great locations.  

Ah, how nice, a trip to the beach?  Sounds good to me! 

The plan was to shoot at a few local stores, a bait and tackle, maybe a clam shack and of course, the beach. We had some fun ideas and our photographer, David Yellen, who is an avid fisherman and really good photographer, was all ready to go.  I got on the phone with local Charlestown stores and Chief of Police to make sure we were allowed to shoot in these different locations. I could not have met nicer people.  Charlestown was excited for us to arrive as well as Eric for our shoot!  Great!  

Things seemed to be coming together – including a lot of clouds and heavy rain. Our Saturday shoot was getting rained out! Most of the day was spent rushing to set up lights only to take them down in between torrential downpours. In the end, we had to stay over an extra day, shooting for two days instead of one. We got up very early Sunday morning and shot at the beach. Despite the rain and the long days we got some great photos. Eric was up for any of our ideas – even holding slightly smelly eels and climbing into an icebox. Take a look at the final results and don’t be fooled by the sunshine!




Laura A. is a Photo Producer for Animal Planet.
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