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31 Aug

Villalobos Rescue Center Hurricane Isaac Update: A Bittersweet Day

Yesterday we brought you an update on the Villalobos Rescue Center's Hurricane Isaac recovery efforts. Below is the latest from Tia and her team. 

Hurricane Isaac kicked our ass! The New Orleans location is fine with the exception of some flooding but it didn't affect the dogs. Evacuation center out in the country worked out great. But sadly the Cheech and Chong house and Tias house along with the two other satellite houses were destroyed by severe flooding.The two rescue vans and work truck are also gone.

If there can be a silver lining, our dogs are okay and we rescued today: one pot bellied pig whose cage floated away, one cat off of a roof, one blind Border Collie who fell into the river, 3 dogs floating down the river trying to scramble onto a submerged car and a mama dog with her newborn pups. How ironic that several animals tonight are no longer homeless and it's us humans that now need rescuing. A bittersweet day.

Click ahead for the latest images from Villalobos.

Mariah-DogRescueMariah helps rescue three dogs that were scrambling to stay afloat in the river. They were found scrambling to get on top of a submerged car.



 The twins arrive via row boat to help with the rescues. 


MommaDog+PuppiesA newly rescued dog and her newborn pups. 


TiasFloodedV an

 Tia's flooded van. 

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