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20 Aug

Pit Bulls and Parolees: Rescue of the Week

In the weeks leading up to the new season of Pit Bulls and Parolees, we here at Animal Planet will be bringing you posts directly from Tia, founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center. Each week she will introduce us to a new pit bull available for adoption. Here's Tia's latest entry:

Well it's only Monday and we already have a rescue. Ben (yes from the Tehachapi Trio story) scooped up these 3 little youngsters running loose and living under houses out here in "Swampville, LA". He actually found the owner, who's Border Collie mix "went and got herself pregnant". *sigh*. So we've talked the owner into letting us spay the Mama and in exchange we will take the pups, get them medical treatment (COVERED in fleas) and hopefully get them homes while they're still young.

The "baby daddy" or in this case "daddys", could be any one of several "swamp dogs" out here. Interestingly they do resemble possible Pit mixes or maybe that's just wishful thinking. But they will need homes so if you're interested, please go to the adoption application link on our website and say you're interested in the "Swamp Puppies". Ugh....and I haven't even had my morning Coke Zero yet.


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