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30 Aug

Jackson Galaxy Reviews Internet Cat Video Festival Entries




You can't have a first ever Internet Cat Video Festival without tapping the expertise of Jackson Galaxy, ultimate cat guru extraordinaire!

Watch some of the top entries below and see what Jackson had to say.  Agree?  Disagree?  Are you on the same feline frequency as Jackson?? 

And, get more details here on the fest which begins tonight at 8:30 p.m.



Jackson: Maru is the cat video that seemed to have sparked a revolution. How could you not root for a video with a cat diving into boxes? There is nothing better than a cat showing off their mojo and going viral. #4


Jackson: This one actually horrifies me. Language is language no matter what species. There is obviously something off camera scaring the daylights out of this poor cat. The only way I vote for this one is if we can film the guardian having the daylights scared out of him. RANK = 7


Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Jackson: What can you say? On a bad day watch this and remember "All you need is love." RANK = #2


Henri 2, Paw de Deux

Jackson: I HEART HENRI! Not that he would care. He would slap me and say in the immortal words, "I'm surrounded by morons." I am a fool for his ennui and thus, RANK= #1!!



Jackson: After much soul searching, I can only say...nope. Don't like it. Dubstep, that is. RANK= #5


The two talking cats

Jackson: These two crack me up. Don't ask me why, I've seen this one countless times and I always think of my grandparents, watching the Mets on TV and debating the merits of the designated hitter. So because I love my grandparents, the Mets and chatty cats everywhere, I rank this one #3


Nyan Cat [original]

Jackson: This one is of absolutely no use to anyone... Wait a minute... I'll use it to torture the guy torturing the cat in the NONONO video. I like it just a touch better now. RANK=6



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