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6 Jul

Moral Rehabilitation: When is an Offender Ready to Rejoin Society?


When are offenders ready to rejoin society as law-abiding citizens?  Assistant Warden Cathy Fontenot gives her insights into moral rehabilitation.

Cathy-fontenot-5-350x250We believe in moral rehabilitation.  As the warden frequently says, “victim’s trump and no inmate should be freed if his victim will have to live in fear.” 

There are cases that should be reviewed when there is no victim objection and the offender has proven himself to be morally rehabilitated and remorseful for his past choices. 

Warden Cain worked to have legislation passed that allows for the wardens to be ex-officio members of the pardon and parole boards which results in better odds upon the recommendations or denials. 

The public should learn more about the reentry programs offered at prisons. Community support must be a part of any successful release story and the best ways the public can become involved with public safety is to find out what it can do to assist and manage those who are ready to rejoin as law-abiding, contributing citizens.


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