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23 Jul

19 "Un-Expectations" as an Animal Planet Intern

E-enhanced-buzz-17441-1341339004-10When I came into my internship this summer at Animal Planet, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I didn’t know that watching viral videos could count as “research”...or even that learning about catfish could be thrilling.  Goodbye world of coffee and copies – as interns here, we’ve been able to work hands-on with creative projects, and jump head first into the working adult world.  Being an intern at Animal Planet is exciting, and sometimes challenging…but ultimately, it has been one super/truly awesome/fun/rewarding/animal-loving experience (which also just happens to include funny cat videos).  

Thomas Pipoli, a fellow intern, and I compiled this list of the “unexpected pros” we’ve experienced so far this summer.

The "Official" Unofficial Intern List of Cool Things

  • Desperately wanting your next vacation to be at Big Fish Adventures.  No, but actually…
  • The endless amount of cute cat/dog/hedgehog/goat videos circling the office.
  • Becoming fluent in Turtleman.
  • Brainstorming video playlists.
  • My Cat From Hell memes on BuzzFeed (see above and check out more here).
  • Free swag (like mouse-pads!)
  • Screening shows before they premiere.
  • Being copied on an email with a pro-wrestler.
  • Being on a phone call with Jackson Galaxy.
  • Friends asking if you’re in the Amazon with piranhas.
  • Friends asking if you get to dress up as a shark.
  • Friends asking if there are animals at the office.
  • Your mom asking if you can take the dog into the office.
  • Talking about cats.
  • Finding inspiration from Pine-Sol videos.
  • Guerrilla/gorilla meetings.
  • Knowing every film about Mermaids…ever.
  • Having key card access to something other than a dorm room.
  • Did we mention cats and cat videos? 

But really, we're serious about the cat videos.  Best.  Perk.  Ever.


Thomas Pipoli and Katie Sharp are working in Digital Media at Animal Planet this summer.  They both share a strong love for Turtleman.    

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