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12 Jun

Top 3 Marketing Ideas that Never Saw the Light of Day

We have a weekly meeting at Animal Planet where we mostly watch funny cat videos, BUT we also do actual work and brainstorm ideas for all of our shows. Here are some of our favorite ideas that for some reason or another never saw the light of day (at least not yet).  


1. #Bigfooting


Perhaps not as sensational as #tebowing or has high-brow as #draping, but in the end some things are better left to the world wide web of clever TV fans with a camera and a twitter account.


2. Cat Lady P#rn

We still like this idea so you may see it come back soon and perhaps feature less violent fighting and more actual cats… 


3. Oh Skittles, we wish we thought of this first

Technically, this idea DID see the light of day, but not with us and we’re jealous.  



Jessica Latterman is Marketing Director for Animal Planet.



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