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11 Jun

Top 10 Reasons Why Working at Animal Planet is Awesome

Everyone loves Animal Planet. We have research* that says so. But, what is it like to work here? In a word, AWESOME. Here are ten reasons (in no particular order) that back me up!

1. You never know when the Turtleman will make an appearance
Just last week I was fortunate enough to accompany a colleague and Ernie Brown Jr. (AKA "Turtleman") to dinner. Ernie was a complete gentleman and even agreed to pose for this fun photo. Now that's LIVE ACTION!

Photo Courtesy Grace Suriel

2. Watching cat videos on YouTube for hours is considered "research"
We take all things cute very seriously around here. Much like a scientist should be well versed in the theories of Einstein and Newton, an Animal Planet employee is required to be up to date on the latest memes and viral videos. See below for a typical example of cute.

Youtube-cats-bites-250x376[2]3. We have lots of quirky faux office pets!

4. It's OK to believe in Bigfoot and mermaids

5. You get to go on "Surprisingly Human" adventures
Searching for Sasquatch, Hillbilly Handfishin', fishing with Jeremy Wade -- you name it, we've done it! Check out blogs from publicist Jared Albert and Executive Producer Keith Hoffman for a behind-the-scenes look at some recent expeditions.

6. Free tickets to the Puppy Bowl
Getting dozens of adorably cute adoptable puppies to run around on a miniature football field and pretend to play football is no small task. It takes a small army of very talented people to  bring Puppy Bowl to life. Many of us are fortunate enough to play a small part in this behemoth production. Whether it's picking up poo, wrangling puppies or refilling water bowls, we gladly do it because it's the Puppy Bowl!

7. Friday Screenings
Friday Screenings affords us the opportunity to check out shows that are on our air, programs that are in production, or relevant programming from other networks. Sometimes, our President and GM Marjorie Kaplan springs for pizza!

8. Baby animals visit our offices
It wouldn't be Animal Planet without a few animals here and there! Recently, this tiger cub accompanied large predator expert Dave Salmoni to our New York offices and made himself at home in one of our conference rooms. NOTE: Please do not bring wild animals anywhere, ever.

Photo Courtesy Keith Hoffman

10. We are all encouraged to participate in Discover Your Impact Day
Discover Your Impact Day is Discovery's global day of employee volunteerism taking place each year in June. Started in 2010 to celebrate Discovery's 25th Anniversary, Impact Day brings the Discovery family into their local communities to give back to organizations that support land, water and people. This year, I'll be volunteering at HorseNet Horse Rescue and cannot wait to lend a hand to this amazing organization!

* Grace's mom, dad, sister and brother really love Animal Planet. 

Grace Suriel is Manager of Social Media Strategy for Animal Planet and Science Channel. She hopes to one day spot a Sasquatch.


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