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15 Jun

Prison Suicide: Averting Tragedies at Angola


In the last episode of Louisiana Lockdown, the Angola staff faced tragedy -- suicide is one of harsh realities encountered at Angola.  Assistant Warden Cathy Fontenot talks about prison suicide.

Cathy-fontenot-1-350x250Suicide is a form of escape in my opinion and we do all we can to prevent them.

Warden Cain has even implemented a program where the mental health staff train offenders with limited duty (they often can’t work in the fields) in the signs and symptoms of suicide. 

These offenders are assigned to be tier walkers and they talk to cellblock offenders in between the mandatory rounds that staff must make in areas where offenders are most prone to attempt to commit harm to themselves. 

Suicides are not common events at Angola as most offenders do find hope in the progress they make here. In recent years, we have had two suicides in 2011, none in 2010 and 2009, one in 2008 and one in 2007 and none in 2006.  


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