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18 Jun

Meet JoAnn & Jeannie, the Handfishin' Hotties!


There are always great women behind great men.  And, it's no different for the guys of Hillbilly Handfishin'!  Enter Handfishin' Hotties, JoAnn and Jeannie!  Hear what it's like for them behind the scenes.

We would like to introduce ourselves.  We are JoAnn and Jeannie, the Handfishin' Hotties!  This name was given to us by one of our favorite guests (you know who you are!).  We are the other halves of the stars of Hillbilly Handfishin', Skipper and Jackson.  We are right there behind the scenes as well as on the scene of every moment.  We wouldn't miss it for the world!  We thought that we would bring you a little behind the scene action since the other is TOP SECRET - we wouldn’t to spill the good stuff yet! 

We also count on Heather and Christian to help with the whole outfit!


There is a lot that happens to make Hillbilly Handfishin’ happen.  This year three of our hometown fellas came back to help us and we are so grateful they did.  They are awesome!  Thanks Tyler, Chandler, and Ralph! 


As the week rolls on, we help the EMTs get to know the guests and if they need anything, we let the EMTs know.  Here are a few that help and we think they need recognition: Pete, Mike, Rocky, and Terry! 


We have a lot of new crew this year that are really great!  We will introduce all over the course of the season with great pictures - while they are filming, we are putting them on camera!! You know what they say - i it isn’t on film, then it didn’t happen!

Our week starts with meeting the guests on Sunday.  We are the first to meet our victims - I mean "guests" - each week.  By the time we get them to camp, we know what they are scared of the most, down to what they really came here for.  We know more about these people than their own mommas I think!

We have to keep, or try to keep everyone in line, including our spouses!  We have to help "control" the guests when we are in the water, by reassuring them that everything is alright even when we see snakes, turtles, leeches, gars, and beavers.  We are the calm before, during, and after the storm!  We help keep the crew from stumbling over rocks and trees in the water, so that their equipment doesn't get destroyed, all the while they are getting those awesome shots.

One of the things we have to teach is getting in and out of the water safely.  This is really fun because they don’t have a clue. 

Here are a couple of shots of our own Animal Planet Keith Hoffman and Halfyard Productions Greg Smith under a hotwire fence demonstrating to the crew and guests how it is done.  Two very workable techniques, wouldn’t you say?  Of course, unhooking it and walking through would have worked, too!  Did we mention that to them?



This past week came with a few surprises.  We had to get in a hole with our bare feet.  Yep, you read right.  When we fish the Red River, we go barefooted because most of those fish are caught in open water, but you have the occasional hole in the bank.  Skipper hollers for us to give him some socks. I, (JoAnn) asked him where does he suppose I get these socks?  He said, "Off of MY feet.  I asked, "These invisible ones?"  Jeannie finds him a pair of socks.  Then the hole is so wide, it takes all of us to block it, so that the BIG ONE does not get away.  That meant that we had to go in this hole with a huge fish with "invisible socks" on!  All the while, we have our feet in there, we are praying, "please don't bite our bare feet!  Believe me, it has happened before!  Keith Hoffman knows how that feels!  We wouldn't dare face the consequences of a fish getting away!  


Not only do we help wrangle the guests and crew, we wrangle fish!  Yep, both of us Handfishin' Hotties know how to noodle.  I wouldn't say we are as good as OUR guys, but we can come pretty close to it!  I know we aren't afraid to get in there barefoot if we have to or stick our hands in a fish's mouth so that it doesn't get away!


See ya next week!  Noodle on and Be the bait!




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