Bites at Animal Planet

7 Jun

Call of the Wildman, Starring … Jared Albert?


When he signed on for a publicity role with Animal Planet, Jared may not have anticipated he’d be wading into murky waters, to do barehanded battle with snapping turtles.  Watch as he wrestles with his first foe … Think he’s got what it takes for a starring role?  Share your thoughts in the Comments section below!

When I originally booked a flight to Kentucky to staff an Associated Press interview with Ernie Brown, Jr. (aka Turtleman), I had no intention of diving head first into a dirty pond to experience the Animal Planet "Surprisingly Human" brand face-to-face. But before I knew it, I had smelly mud up to my waist and a few inspiring "yiyiyis" in my ear…there was no turning back. Take a look above for a "rough cut" from my turtle rescue adventure with Turtleman. Will I submerge myself in unknown waters again? Well, there's always Hillbilly Handfishin'! Now that's live action!

Tune in to Animal Planet every Sunday night at 10 PM for new episodes of Call of the Wildman.


Jared Albert is a Publicist for Animal Planet.

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