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21 May

Welcome to a Bite-sized Animal Planet

Welcome to Bites @AnimalPlanet, the blog that takes you inside Animal Planet - our shows, our people and our passion for animals. 

Over the years, we've come to rest on the fascinating intersection of human lives with that of animals. From cute to bold, funny to tragic, how we interract with animals is a window on to each of us and all of us.  At the end of the day, the remarkable thing is that the world of animals is surprisingly human.

Bites is written directly by the Animal Planet team. It's not social-media gurus ghost-writing thinly veiled corporate communications. And I mean all of us, from the senior management all the way down to the mail room, on the things that matter to each of us. We have pet owners, animal welfare volunteers, activists and entertainers in our midst, so I think that you'll always find something here to capture and reward your attention. It's been a bit of a mission for me to establish this blog, to share the energy and committment to all fans of our animal planet that I find in the people I work with every day. 

Come back, tell your friends, but more than anything - please share your thoughts and engage with us using the Comments section. And, welcome to Bites @AnimalPlanet.


Iain Langridge is VP for Animal Planet Digital Media. 

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