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16 Apr

Getting to Know Greenland: Meet Flemming Bisgaard

Contributed by Betsy Sanner Ayala


Flemming Bisgaard is the head of Bisgaard Trading in the heart of Ilulissat, Greenland right in Disko Bay. He has been a pilot for Air Greenland for over two decades and is one of about half a dozen specially designated pilots who fly the Sikorsky helicopter, which acts as an ambulance in the air.

For approximately six months out of the year he is on call for any emergency that may arise in all of Greenland. Last year when we were filming in Greenland, a very unfortunate event happened where four people were flown into Nuuk in a helicopter from Siorapaluk, which is over 1,000 miles away from Nuuk by air. Due to a terrible case of botulism from eating Kiviak, or auk birds preserved in the hollowed-out body of a seal, one elderly man died. The unknowingly bad Kiviak was then served at his funeral where it was eaten again, and his daughter died. Flemming and his fellow pilots are on call for such emergencies.

Flemming was also the head of operations for the Ice Cold Gold crew when we shot in Ilulissat, serving Josh Feldman and Eric Drummond.

[Catch an all-new episode of Ice Cold Gold Thursday at 10PM E/P!]

1) Where are you from? How would you describe the town where you live?

I was born just a few hundred meters from the coast of the North Sea in a small fishing town called Jutland, Denmark. That’s probably why I had such a good feeling about Ilulissat, Greenland. I had my first job in Greenland in 1995 where I worked as an apprentice for a (black)smith. Soon after I started my helicopter pilot education, and was hired the year after on the Sikorsky helicopter in Ilulissat. I have been working 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off ever since.

The Town of Ilulissat is the most perfect and special place. Normally the weather is very good, and the sun shines almost 24 hours a day during the four summer months. There are a lot of fishing activities in Ilulissat with 4,500 citizens and about 3,000 dogs. All the sled dogs are used only for working. When it’s tourist season the town becomes very active with lots of cruise ships and many visitors.  

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16 Apr

Buzzfeed Presents: Puppies Learning Things for the First Time

Whether it's figuring out what to do with food, how to deal with water or learning how to be a team player, being an adorable puppy is HARD WORK.  This is serious business, people — our Buzzfeed friends just filed the full report:

SOOOOOO ADORABLE.  Thank you, Buzzfeed.


Want more CUTE? How about these precious bath time videos >> 


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16 Apr

Will and Kate Meet Adorable German Shepherd Police Puppies

Mark Mitchell - Pool/Getty Images

When we're not watching videos of kittens and puppies (for work, of course), some of us have been following the royal visit to New Zealand. So, imagine our delight when our two favorite things - puppies and Duchess Catherine's perfect hair - joined up for a picture perfect photo opp today.

Kate and Prince William visited the Royal New Zealand Police College in Wellington, and had the chance to meet police puppies from the Dog Training Centre. The couple took part in a ceremony to remember the lives of New Zealand police officers killed on duty over the last 127 years. They then watched recruit training and a dog-handling demonstration. After that, they were introduced to some of the cutest future German shepherd police pups.

Learn more about this breed below!

To see even more dogs in action, check out our Small Dogs, Big Jobs playlist!

16 Apr

George Hill, Indiana Pacers: Good Luck from Jeremy Wade & Your Animal Planet Friends!

Hey, George Hill and the Indiana Pacers! Good luck on the Playoffs!

We were more than happy to help deliver a special message from Jeremy Wade to George Hill. Click on the image below to watch the well wishes and see George's rection:


Go Indiana! And, FISH ON!


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15 Apr

New Device Enables Scientists To Converse With Dolphins

A baby Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and mother swim together in the seas near Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (Photo by Horizons/UIG via Getty Images)

Humans are one step closer to communicating with dolphins, after scientists successfully interacted with dolphins using an underwater audio device, according to news outlets.

Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry, or Chat, enables scientists to emit audio that resembles the sounds dolphins make in the water. While the microphones do not translate the dolphin sounds into human language, it allows scientists to “speak” in clicks and high-pitched whistles that can be used to teach dolphins new commands and vocabulary, according to The Independent.

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14 Apr

Great Bear Stakeout

Each year in the Alaskan Wilderness, grizzly bears emerge from hibernation and are thrust into a fight for survival. Mating and feeding are top of mind, culimating in the annual salmon run where grizzly tempers flare and "catch as catch can" has new meaning.

Join us on Tuesday, April 15, at 9 p.m., for Great Bear Stakeout and follow along as a team of expert guides and filmmakers get closer than ever before while living alongside these grizzlies as they come out of hibernation. With special cameras and spy cams capturing their every move, these grizzlies unknowingly welcome us into their world. 

Watch this sneak peek and then join us Tuesday at 9 p.m.! For more information on Great Bear Stakeout, click here.


And for more on great grizzlies, check out our bears video playlist.

11 Apr

Smartest Dog Ever Steals Hearts, Crushes Squeaky Toy

Meet Jumpy, quite possibly the smartest dog on planet Earth. No, seriously - watch him listen to his owner's every, single, command. I'm pretty sure my Dad couldn't get me to listen this well, ever:

Well done, Jumpy! WELL DONE.

Photo: YouTube image


Visit the TOO CUTE! site for more of the cutest videos! Tune in for all-new episodes Saturdays @ 8PM E/P!



Betty Chu is a Digital Media Executive Producer for Follow her on Twitter @beddychew or Facebook for the cutest animal posts EVER.

11 Apr

Sonic Who? Watch Peanut the Hedgehog Speeding onto APL!VE

Look out, Sonic! There’s a new guy on the scene and he’s aiming to dethrone you as the speediest, spikiest hedgehog of all time! Weighing in at a healthy 375 grams, 2-year old Peanut has his racing paws on and is allowing Animal Planet L!VE to follow his bold quest on Hedgehog Cam. a pint-sized athlete isn’t easy, but Peanut sure doesn’t let it show. By day, he’s like any other nocturnal creature. He spends his days sleeping and burrowing deep into his bed at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab. But once the sun goes down and the lights go off, Peanut is raring to go. His nightly regimen consists of runs on the wheel, bulking up on mealworms, keeping hydrated, and then showing off for the camera!


You can watch Peanut’s training sessions each night thanks to our partners at Tru Chance Hedgehog Rescue & Rehab, an approved rescue with the Hedgehog Welfare Society. Tru Chance is dedicated to caring for all hedgehogs that come through their door, placing some in loving new homes, permanently housing those who are not able to be adopted due to medical or temperament issues, and teaching others how to responsibly care for these often misunderstood exotic animals.  They are currently the home to 14 hedgehogs including the dynamic and speedy Peanut!

Meet Peanut the Hedgehog after dark on APL!VE.>>


 Not quite dark yet?  Learn more about Hedgehogs by watching this clip from Pets 101:



10 Apr

Nocturnal Creatures Welcome Stephen Colbert to the 'Late Show'!

Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Big news was revealed today after it was announced that Stephen Colbert would be taking over David Letterman's "Late Show" spot in 2015.

As the newest member of network late night shows, we thought that Colbert would like to get to know some of his fellow nocturnal animal friends.

Check out the playlist of other famous nocturnal animals!

Did you know hedgehogs are nocturnal? Check out their nighttime action on our newest APL!ve cam!

10 Apr

Getting to Know Greenland: Meet Finn Siegstad

Contributed by Julie Brothers



Finn Siegstad is the Key Account Manager for the charter division of Air Greenland. Air Greenland has one of the most versatile fleets in the world, considering the size of the country, the terrain and the weather.

These helicopters must cover it all, everything from taking locals to other parts of the country to performing search and rescue missions.

60 of the 72 populated areas of Greenland are connected via helicopter transport – since the 1960’s the presence of these helicopters in Greenland has been vital.

[Tune in for a brand new episode of Ice Cold Gold tonight at 10PM E/P!]

1) How long have you been working for Air Greenland, and where are you originally from?

I am from Ilulissat, Greenland in Diskobay. I have been working for Air Greenland for 6 years now. Before that I worked for a helicopter company named Air Alpha, operating in the Diskobay area and East Greenland. I have been working within the aviation business for over 20 years.

2) How many helicopters are on Air Greenland's fleet? What purposes do they serve?

We have 22 helicopters. 12 AS350’s, 8 Bell 212’s and 2 Sikorsky 61’s.

The AS350 helicopters are mostly used within the mining industry. Bell 212 are scattered around Greenland, their main purpose is to fly the locals between villages and towns, which connects them to the rest of the world. Sikorsky-61’s are stand-by helicopters for Search and Rescue missions and medical use.

These various helicopters help in maintaining the communication systems within Greenland coast as well as aid in small miscellaneous flights for tourist, scientists and other travellers.

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