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20 Apr

Circus Performer Tumbles Her Way Into Dolphin’s Heart (VIDEO)

How much fun are dolphins? They amuse us with their array of tricks and leaps, but how often can we amuse them?

Years ago, circus performer Bonnie Anna, aka MissChief, made one dolphin’s day by tumbling to his amusement. What resulted was a video that went viral.

Look back at what made this moment so special:

Interested in learning more about dolphins? Take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Dolphins for more!

20 Apr

9 Things About a Platypus That Will Surprise You

Credit: Thinkstock

The Platypus. A strange little creature. The body and fur of an otter, the tail of a beaver and the webbed feet and bill of a duck. There's a lot of stuff you probably don't know about this little anomaly and I'm going to fill you in.

This will make for great party conversation. So let's begin. 

1.) Even though the accepted plural form of platypus is "platypuses" or "platypus," the correct plural is "platypodes," due to its Greek origin. Many people use the word "platypi," but that's wrong! Platy-why? Though it's fun to say, the validity is lost since it's not derived from Latin. 

2.) Chinese and Japanese taxidermists used to play a game called "stitch up animals and convince people it's a new species," so when the platypus was discovered, people thought they were getting punk'd. People were even skeptical that this species existed even after seeing it in person! 

3.) Platypodes walk on their knuckles. They flex their little digits without extending their webbed feet, because the webbing would get in the way of their walking. 

4.) And hey, these little guys and gals don't have stomachs! But how you ask? Well... a platypus' diet doesn't need complex digestion so their esophagus and intestines connect. 

5.) Platypuses lose their teeth. "We do too!" you say to the platypus. And he or she replies "Yeah, but we never grow any new ones." Baby platypodes have teeth and then lose them all as they get older.

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20 Apr

Pet Neglect isn’t Cool and Daenerys Targaryen Shows Us Why

Game of Thrones returns tonight at 9.

Posted by HBO on Sunday, April 12, 2015



If you're a Game of Thrones enthusiast like me, and Daenerys' dragons have a special place in your heart, you hated seeing Rhaegal and Viserion chained up in a pitch black hole in the ground in last week's Season 5 premiere.

All because their "brother," her third and largest dragon, Drogon, charred a citizen's small child and ran away. So now his siblings have to take his place in a dungeon, for a crime they didn't commit. 

Seriously? What a drag... on. 

Daenerys couldn't bare to see her two other children kill another child, so, a nutrition-less, sun-less, interaction-less pit seemed like the best option.

Come on, Khaleesi! 

As the Mother of Dragons, and fellow pet owner, a dungeon is no place for pets! That's (literally) stone cold abandonment. And animal neglect, too!

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, neglect is described as the failure to provide basic care required for an animal to thrive, and since dragons require open space to grow larger and train, she's failing! 

D, you get an F.

If her two unchained dragons are to ever help her in battle, she has to release them. You can't invade Westeros with two "juvenile-sized dragons," says a Quora user "who seems to know a lot about 'A Song of Ice and Fire' (the Game of Thrones series)."

In Animal Planet's fantasy series 'Dragons,' this dragon prepares for battle as a free adolescent.


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17 Apr

Behind the Scenes: The Baines Family Wins the Ultimate Treehouse

 Contributed by Tory Jones

Get an in-depth look at how the beautiful designs inside these treehouse masterpieces come together with Treehouse Masters' own Tory Jones. Find out more about the Ultimate Treehouse Giveaway Winner inside this blog post!


This past winter in Jim Thorpe, Pa., Treehouse Masters gave a family a big surprise. The Baines family was the winner of the Delta Faucet Ultimate Treehouse Sweepstakes.

James Baines entered the contest with the hope of gifting his mother, Carrie, the treehouse she’s always wanted. Carrie raised James and his sister Sarah as a single mom before James played matchmaker and connected her with local resident Bill Baines. Now the family, along with Bill’s two daughters (Ashley and Chelsea), has been one big blended family for the last nine years.

The Baines family home is set on a creek side property in Jim Thorpe, Pa. The family is quite active and enjoys camping and fishing and all the other outdoor activities that the area offers, and they even host the “Baines Bash” every summer when extended family and friends come and camp in the backyard.


A large build with a living room, loft bedroom and bathroom, the treehouse has decks for entertaining and an outdoor shower off the back deck.  Delta Faucet was very generous and even supplied the fixtures and the groovy shower in a tree was the Carlisle Monitor 17 Series Tub and Shower with H20kinetic technology


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17 Apr

Bull Shark Makes Unexpected Visit in a Florida Backyard (VIDEO)

If you look in your backyard, chances are you'll see some birds, perhaps some squirrels - depending on what region you live in. But here's one thing we didn't think would show up in a backyard - and likely these residents in Bonita Springs, Fla., didn't either.

According to the Irish Examiner, bull sharks have been showing up in canals right in the backyard of several residents. According to NBC-2, the sharks keep returning to the water because people are throwing leftover bait in the water.

Check out Jeremy reeling in a bull shark in a freshwater river:

Tune in for a brand-new episode of River Monsters this Sunday at 9/8c!

16 Apr

29-Foot Whale Shark Washes Ashore in Ecuador (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.53.20 AM
Dozens of volunteers did everything they could to put the whale shark back into the ocean.

Fishermen in Santa Marianita, Ecuador were in for a shock when they saw a 29-foot whale shark washed up on the beach Monday morning.

Officials and dozens of volunteers spent hours doing everything they could to move the whale shark back into the deeper waters, according to NBC News. Despite their valiant efforts—which included two police boats and a tractor—the whale shark died.

Take a look at how it all unfolded:

16 Apr

You Can Help Protect Monkeys and Their Natural Habitats

If you head to the theaters April 17, and purchase a ticket for Disneynature's Monkey Kingdom, you'll be getting more than just an incredible viewing experience. You'll also be helping protect monkeys and their natural habitats.

The film, narrated by Tina Fey, follows blonde-bobbed monkey Maya and her family in their home among ancient ruins in the jungles of South Asia. If you purchase a ticket during opening week (April 17-23), Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to Conservation International. According to CI's website, "The funds will support CI programs in Indonesia, Cambodia and Sri Lanka that protect monkeys and other endangered species, restore their forest habitats and support local communities."

So, not only will you see a heartwarming tale about a monkey doing her best to provide for her family, you'll have done your part to save animals in the wild.




Learn more about the movie here.

For more heartwarming monkeys, check out the video below:

15 Apr

What's Life Going to be like for Katie the Giraffe's New Baby Girl? 10 Facts About Her First Years


After Katie gave birth this weekend to her beautiful baby girl, we thought, you're probably wondering what it's like to be a baby giraffe, huh? 

Well, here are 11 baby giraffe facts that will make you say "oh!" as many times as you'll say "aww." 

1.) You know when your friends joke around and say "Were you dropped on your head as a baby?" Well, baby giraffes actually are! From six feet above the ground from their mom's belly, babies just fall out. Talk about a rough first day!

2.) When baby giraffe's are born, their horns are stuck to their heads. Within the first week of their lives, the horns pop straight up

3.) Calves are never left alone. Moms take turns babysitting their friends' babies in their "towers" (groups) so that other mothers can go grab a bite to eat. These nursery groups continue until the giraffe is about five months old.

4.) Giraffes have bumps on their heads, horns yes, but bumps, too. As giraffes get older, those bumps get larger! Boys grow about three as they age, and girls usually only have one. 

5.) Baby giraffes are taller than most humans at about six feet tall post-birth, and after their first year, definitely are. 

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14 Apr

Purr-fect Summer: Animal Planet to Help Host CatConLA in June

Lil BUB is one of the guests scheduled to attend CatConLA June 6 and 7 in Los Angeles! (Photo by Animal Planet)

Cat people, rejoice!

The first-ever CatConLA gathering is less than two months away and we’re joining the “purr-ty”! We are proud to announce that Animal Planet will be the exclusive cable partner for CatConLA June 6 and 7 at The Reef in Los Angeles.

CatConLA, presented by Rachael Ray Nutrish, is a two-day event celebrating cats and their people, showcasing cat-centric merchandise (from furniture and art, to toys and clothes) and conversations with some the leading cat experts from around the world.

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13 Apr

Flying Carp Attack College Rowing Team (VIDEO)

The Washington University men’s rowing team had some unexpected guests at practice Friday morning.

They had carp. Like, a LOT of carp.

Asian carp flew out of nowhere water in Creve Coeur Lake, surrounding the team and even landing in . Take a look at the amazing footage captured by team captain Benjamin Rosenbaum and shared with CNN:

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the boat did smell like fish for quite a while.

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