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29 Aug

Cat Dangles 2 Floors Up as Crowd Below Rallies to Save Her

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from
A group of kindhearted bar patrons recently decided to put their good times on hold — all to help a creature whose night wasn't going nearly as well. 
Earlier this week, folks were enjoying a few pints at the Sky and the Ground pub in Wexford, Ireland, when someone was alerted to the sound of desperate meowing outside. Dropping their drinks, the crowd soon discovered the source of the cries — a frantic cat clinging to the edge of the second-story window of a neighboring bed & breakfast.
With no time to spare, the pub-goers leapt into action.

Only in Wexford would you come across this. Dónal Patrick Byrne

Posted by Linda O'Brien on Monday, August 24, 2015

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29 Aug

Bird Gets Stuffed Bunny For Birthday, Can't Stop Talking About it

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

This little bird has a whole lot of love to give — and most of it is for his stuffed bunny. Marnie was celebrating his birthday, and his family got him EXACTLY what he wanted: a bunch of stuffed bunnies.

Lots of animals have unusual best friends, but this is definitely a first.

Why this cute little guy loves bunnies so much is a mystery, but he has the SWEETEST way of talking to them, that's for sure.


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29 Aug

Ellen's Most Memorable Dog Moments that Will Make You Say "Aww!"

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(Guest post by Solon Kelleher from

We love dogs, and we love Ellen. When the two come together, it's a very special occasion.

Here are six of Ellen's most popular "top dog" YouTube videos.

6. Uggie from "The Artist" skateboards across Ellen's stage.

Just two months after starring as the lovable dog in "The Artist," Uggie appeared on Ellen's stage to perform a few tricks you didn't see in the Oscar-winning film that made him famous.

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29 Aug

Pancakes Shaped Like Amphibians Look Down Right Delicious (VIDEO)

Nothing makes a better breakfast than a stack of pancakes. But what if those pancakes were shaped like, say, a golden mantella frog? It may sound impossible, but one man has made himself a YouTube star with his culinary talents. Nathan Shields, user name saipancakes, creates amazing pancake creations of all shapes and sizes, but these amphibians, crafted for Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, are especially impressive!

Nathan got started with these creative confections while living in Saipan for nine months. They were a way to keep his kids both entertained and full! The rest, they say, is history!

Check out more of Nathan's work on his YouTube channel and Instagram.

These pancakes have you craving more frog videos? Well we have just what you're looking for: 

29 Aug

From Instagram: Pit Bull Best Friends Love Each Other ... Most of the Time

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All siblings and best friends get on each other's nerves sometimes, and that's exactly the case for these adorable pitties.

Meet Sookie and Ivy!

Sookie and Ivy are two rescue pit bulls that live with their human mama and each other, and they love each other ... most of the time. Just like many siblings, these two friends are very different.

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28 Aug

Whales Gather Around Music, Have a Dance Party

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(Guest post by Ben Kerns from

Humans aren't the only animals captivated by music. As it turns out, whales seem to enjoy the soft melody of a peaceful tune just as much as we do., an organization that honors people who have had dedicated their lives to "extraordinary causes," posted a video to its Facebook page showing a beluga whale happily swimming along to the melody a cello.

A man in a boat plays the instrument while an excited friend looks on and motions to the water. There, we see and hear the beluga bellowing with excitement and making noises that are certainly sounds of joy.

As the big, beautiful creature chirps with happiness, we see that he's joined by a whole group of his friends below. They had a dance party under the sea!

It's no surprise these fellas enjoy a good song. Research has shown that not only do animals understand and enjoy music, but they can time their movements to the beat and "dance." Don't believe us? Check out this list of videos where animals are captivated by music!

Beluga whales seem as enchanted by the soulful sounds of the cello as we are.

Posted by on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Those belugas love listening to music, but these belugas love PLAYING music! Watch them perform here:

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28 Aug

You Won't Believe a Shar-Pei This Cute is Even Real


little purple wiggle #paddington #wiggles #sharpei #dogs #dogsofinstagram #friday #playtime #wrinkles #mybestfriend

A photo posted by annie & pADdinGtoN (@anniepaddington) on Jul 16, 2015 at 10:29pm PDT

This is Paddington the Shar-Pei. He also has a cat friend named Butler They live in Australia and have the cutest Instagram account.

I mean, come on. Both of these animals fit in with the decor of their human, Annie, who manages to take beautiful photos of Paddington by himself and with his feline friend.

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28 Aug

Waxed Floors Are Not a Cat's Best Friend

Cats are known for their athletic abilities, from high jumps to landing on their feet no matter the fall. But, it seems that their grace is foiled by slippery floors. This poor kitty was just trying to get back into this cage but the floors were so slippery, he couldn't get enough traction to actually make his target.


It sounds like the other kitties around him are cheering him on, but to no avail. Hopefully the human recording helped the kitty back into his cage!

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28 Aug

Behind the Scenes: Sunrise Day Camp Clubhouse

Contributed by Tory Jones

Get an in-depth look at how the beautiful designs inside these treehouse masterpieces come together with Treehouse Masters' own Tory Jones. Find out more about the Sunrise Day Camp Clubhouse inside this blog post!

Sunrise Day Camp could only be described as a labor of love. Being able to give a very special gift to the campers was a wonderful way to start the summer. Pete designed a beautiful large oval gazebo-like treehouse and I got to work to make this indoor/outdoor space colorful and comfortable for our campers.


Inside, Lindahl Woodcrafts sent me wooden cut outs of woodland birds and leaves, which I had some early campers at the hospital decorate to hang from the rafters. Also hanging were some mobiles and chimes from Woodstock chimes to add a musical touch to the breeze.  Speaking of music I stocked up on instruments like kazoos, ukuleles, wash boards, drums, tambourines, and of course a trumpet from BMG to call reverie.

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28 Aug

Swan Couple Separated by Sickness has Sweetest Reunion

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(Guest post by Sarah V Schweig from

They're the kind of couple that would finish each other's sentences — if they spoke in sentences.

But when one swan got sick, he was separated from his love.

Saddled with a severe infection, the swan had to leave the Netherlands canal the pair calls home to be treated. For probably the first time since they chose each other 10 years ago, the perfectly matched couple was torn apart.

A beautiful video making the internet rounds among animal lovers everywhere shows the moment when the recovered swan returns to his love. 

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