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31 Jul

Stolen Puppy Jumps from Moving Truck to Escape His Kidnappers

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Little Jax was stolen right out of his family's Austin, Texas, home last week, but, thanks to his incredible bravery, the puppy managed to escape the thieves and get back to his loving parents.

Jordan Quick and his girlfriend were away from their apartment when dog-nappers broke in and stole the 12-week-old pit bull puppy.

A neighbor's surveillance camera caught some footage of the thieves, but without any leads, Quick was terrified he would never see his beloved Jax again. "He's very loyal," Quick told The Dodo. "He's definitely a daddy's boy.

Quick and his girlfriend set up a Facebook page with a desperate plea for information about their missing puppy. Little did they know, Jax was trying just as hard to get back to them.


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31 Jul

This Cat Really, Really Doesn't Want to be at the Vet

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

We all get a little apprehensive going to the doctor sometimes ... and pets are no exception. This cat somehow ended up at the vet, and he's not exactly jazzed about it.

In fact, he's taken quite drastic measures to try and hide ...

Any cat who is climbing into a garbage can on his own free will DEFINITELY doesn't want to be wherever he is. Have no fear though, cat. You're not alone. There are many, many other cats who also got tricked into going to the vet and aren't too happy about it.

Like this guy, who figures "Out of sight, out of mind," right?


Check out a whole bunch of other pets, and some of our readers' pets, who also really, really don't want to be at the vet.

Do you have a scaredy-cat? Here are some tips on how to calm your kitty.

31 Jul

Too Cute: Two Goats Meet a Barn Cat

Meeting someone new can be exciting and scary, but baby goats Lady Bug and Princess Leia face the challenge head on! They can barely contain their excitement about meeting Moo the barn cat as they leap and bleat with joy. Moo, however, doesn't really seem to care either way, in true cat fashion. 

We could all use a little bit of that goat-y enthusiasm!

Check out more adorable animal friendships in our Puppy Pals video!

31 Jul

Senior Dog is Rescued After a Life on the Streets

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

When Eldad Hagar of rescue group Hope For Paws got a call about a homeless senior dog living on the side of a California freeway, he knew it wouldn't be an easy rescue.

Hagar and another rescuer found the dog, a big yellow guy they called Rudolph, sleeping in a sunny patch of grass by a highway off-ramp.

They slipped a leash on Rudolph while he was sleeping so he didn't run off into the highway traffic — but when he woke up to find strangers had put a lead on his neck, he was frightened and anxious.

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31 Jul

Dog Lost in Canyon for Six Weeks Comes Home Alive

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(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

When a 9-month-old husky mix named Banjo was caught in a fast moving current and swept away by the Poudre River, her panicked family worried they would never see her again.

Banjo was out on a hike with her human brother, Braeden Brooks, when they both slipped and fell into the river in Colorado's Poudre Canyon. The two were separated: Brooks made it out but a frightened Banjo was whisked away downstream.


Brooks and Banjo's mom, Donna Hill, organized a search party and went back to the canyon day after day looking for the family's lost dog. But weeks went by with no sign of Banjo. Brooks had to return to school in Kentucky, but came home to Colorado every week to keep searching for Banjo … to no avail. 

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31 Jul

That Dog is Super Cute, but Can He Breathe?

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(Guest post by Ben Kerns from

With those perpetually pouty mugs, scrunched-up noses and hanging jowls, dogs with flat faces are undeniably cute. The problem is, breeding dogs to have flat faces causes numerous health problems that could easily be avoided.

Pug (Shutterstock)

Flat-faced or flat-nosed dog breeds, also known as brachycephalic breeds, are prone to a variety of conditions that affect their breathing and ability to live long, healthy lives. The conditions caused by the flat face are collectively known as brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS).

BOAS is sort of a blanket term referring to the various upper airway problems found in the these dogs. These breeds include English bulldogs, boxers, Pekingese, pugs and Shih Tzus, among others. Their shorter skulls and flat faces are the result of decades of selective breeding for what some consider "desirable" traits, and goes directly against the ancestral, natural shape of a dog's head. BOAS can occur in any breed that has a flat face or nose, though it's more common in certain breeds, like pugs, who all suffer from BOAS.

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31 Jul

Cats Smooshing into Bowls

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(Guest post by Emily Watson from

Apparently cats do not have bones.

Check out more hilarious cats here!

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31 Jul

Happy National Mutt Day!


It's a good day to celebrate your favorite mixed breed! There's just something about these dogs that bring something special to our lives. However, according to the ASPCA, are approximately 3.9 millions dogs in shelters and only 35% of those dogs are adopted to their forever homes. 

So, check your local shelter when looking for your next canine companion. You just might find the dog of your dreams!

Already have the dog of your dreams? Then here are some ways the National Mutt Day web site says you can celebrate!

  1. Donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organizations.
  2. Have a National Mutt Day party and invite all your friends and their dogs!
  3. Take your mutt to the dog park for a romp.
  4. Microchip and I.D. tag your mutt so the shelter can locate you if he/she gets lost.

You can also check out Walk for a Dog, an app that will donate to your favorite shelter every time you walk your dog! Get some exercise AND donate to a good cause, what better way to celebrate this holiday?

Share your celebration with us on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!

Celebrate the day with some time spent over at the Animal Planet LIVE Puppy Cam!

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve

Learn more about the benefits of adopting a mix breed here!

31 Jul

NYC's Empire State Building to Be a Canvas for a 'Noah's Ark' of Endangered Species Images

In the wake of a horrific week for animals -- Cecil the lion's murder, the death of one of 5 remaining northern white rhinos on Earth, and elephants slain in Kenya, to name a few -- massive digital images of critically endangered species will be projected onto the Empire State Building in New York City tomorrow, in an effort to raise awareness of the urgent plight of these animals.

The team behind the event is led by filmmaker and photographer Louie Psihoyos, director of the documentary Racing Extinction, to air on Animal Planet's sister network Discovery Channel on December 2.


What Psihoyos described as a "Noah's Ark" of animals to the New York Times will be projected onto 33 floors of the southern side of the historic landmark, from 9 p.m. to midnight this weekend. Expect to see everything from snow leopards, manta rays, birds, snakes, to a golden lion tamarin!  The images should be visible within 20 blocks of the building.

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30 Jul

300-Pound Grouper Caught Off the Coast of Florida

"I was able to swim along side this beautiful animal and even touch its huge scales. After a few minutes of this close...

Posted by The Huffington Post on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's a week of giants for Florida! First the 18-foot python, now this: a gargantuan grouper. On Monday, Florida doctor Sam Gerson went out on Cape Canaveral, Florida with a fishing charter. Little did he know he was going to make the catch of a lifetime. After dropping his line over a shipwreck site, he felt a nibble almost instantly.

"I dropped my line in and within seconds of hitting bottom, I felt a strong jerk. As I started reeling in, the rod bent until the tip was almost in the water. Soon I wasn’t reeling, but instead holding on for dear life as line was running out of the spool at an alarming speed," he told The Huffington Post.

After an hour of reeling, the massive grouper, nicknamed "The Dinosaur," breached the surface. According to their fishing guide, the fish weighed at least 300 pounds and could be more than 50 years old.

After snapping a pic next to his catch, Gerson let "The Dinosaur" back into his watery domain. 

Watch Jeremy Wade catch his own gigantic grouper here!







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