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24 Apr

Bullied Barn Owl Prevails Against Hawk Pirate

It's a tough world out there for barn owls. We think of owls and other birds of prey as the ultimate predator of the skies. But many species are not above scavenging or even flat-out stealing the hard-earned prey of other hunters.

This barn owl hunting during the day took a big risk and was indeed attacked by a northern harrier hawk trying to pirate its meal. Watch the video to the end to see what happens.

 Barn owl by Edd's Images via Flickr Creative Commons.

Symbolically Adopt a Barn Owl with the National Wildlife Federation. 


23 Apr

What Are Jeremy Wade's Favorite River Monsters Episodes?

Ever wonder if Jeremy has favorite moments from the series?

Well, find out this Sunday -- tune in for a marathon of his most favorite episodes ever, starting at 1 p.m. ET! And, at 9 p.m., stay tuned for an all-new premiere, Alaska's Cold Water Killer, when he treks far north in search of a beast that's been blamed for vanishing fishermen all along the vast coastline. 

Check the TV Schedule for the full line-up >>


In the meantime, what are YOUR favorite River Monsters moments? Watch our countdown with Jeremy of the top fan favorite videos on




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23 Apr

Sloths Aren't Slow, They're Just Super CHILL (VIDEO)

Slow your roll and eaaaase into the week's end — WWSD? You know, "What Would Sloths Do?" Check out another super adorbs, super chill video from our friends at TheDodo and get your dose of slothful cuteness:

WHO wants a pet sloth now?! 


Wait. It gets even CUTER — watch baby sloths being, um, BABY SLOTHS, in our Too Cute! archive:



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23 Apr

Dive Bombing Boobies and Pelicans


Ataque impressionante!!O Projeto Coral Vivo conta com o #patrocínioPetrobras por meio do Programa Petrobras Socioambiental.

Posted by Coral Vivo on Monday, January 12, 2015

This huge flock of what appears to be brown boobies and brown or Peruvian pelicans made quite a show for beachgoers as they dive bombed a school of fish in the surf.

Brown booby by Ivy Dawned via Flickr Creative Commons.

Brown boobies fly over the water looking for fish just below the surface, often in areas where larger predator fish drive smaller fish to the surface. When they spot prey, they dive bomb from as high as 50 feet and can plunge below the surface to depths of six feet. They execute their dives by folding their wings next to their body at beginning of dive, then thrust their wings straight out over their backs, touching in the middle, just before breaking the surface. 

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23 Apr

Octopus Stalks Crab

The awesomeness of octopuses has no end. This video captures an octopus hunting a crab in open water in Australia. While it's easy to root for the crab, it's helpful to remember that octopuses need to eat too.

That they are equipped with an incredible intelligence and eight deadly effective grasping limbs isn't a count against them, but something that only adds to their awesomeness. 

Octopus Hunts Crab

Symbolically Adopt an Octopus with the National Wildlife Federation. 

22 Apr

Man Squishes Spider, Only to “Deliver” Its Babies (VIDEO)

Arachnophobes, beware!

Danny Ford’s encounter with a wolf spider turned into something out of a horror film while at home in Australia (because it’s Australia). When he goes to smash it with his broom, he discovers (much to his surprise and our ABSOLUTE TERROR) that the spider isn’t alone.

The funny thing about this is how calm the Danny is the entire time. Being Australian, he’s probably used to seeing all sorts of creepy arachnids.

Don’t be afraid of spiders and remember to THINK BEFORE YOU SQUISH!

22 Apr

Coyote Spotted in New York City; Residents on Edge

Photo: Jeff Foott

It's said of New York that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere - and perhaps that's what a coyote who was spotted in part of New York City's Riverside Park was thinking.

The park was shut down while authorities searched for the animal, according to ABC News.

New York isn't the only residential area that has been visited by coyotes. According to the same report, officials found a coyote den near a school in New Jersey and local residents have been approached by the animals, some even bitten.

Norwood, N.J., police stated that wildlife and animal control officials are doing their part by setting traps and putting more officers on patrol in areas where the animals have been spotted.

Keeping pets and pet food indoors at night can decrease the chances of a visit from a coyote, according to wildlife officials. Additionally, if you come face-to-face with one of these creatures, make loud noises, throw something that will scare it away, then make a call to authorities.

For more, check out the ABC News report.

Learn more about coyotes in the video below:

22 Apr

New Species of Frog Discovered in Costa Rica Looks Like Kermit the Frog


Kermit has a very real, translucent doppelganger! 

This muppet-colored amphibian with similar bulging white, black pupiled eyes and lanky limbs of Jim Henson's famous puppet, is a new species of glass frog: Hyalinobatrachium dianae. But even Miss Piggy herself is probably confusing the two. 

Scientist Brian Kubicki, founder of the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, and his team, discovered the frog in February in the Talamanca Mountains of Costa Rica. 

Instead of naming this look-alike after our beloved Kermit, however, this species' scientific name means "Diane's bare-hearted glass frog," after Brian's mother. Sorry, Kermie. 

The underbelly of the one-inch long amphibian (only 2.5 centimeters big!) is see-through. You can peer right on in to its insides! I'm talking organs, people. From its stomach to its tiny, beating heart. 

But even though it wears its heart on its belly, the bare-hearted glass frog is far from pleasant. According to Andrew Crawford, a batrachologist at the University of Los Andes in Colombia, this new species is quite territorial, fighting any males who trespass their territory. 

The team found six specimens so far, but we can be rest assure 

And to quote the green muppet to top it all off: "always be yourself. Never take yourself too seriously. And beware of advice from experts, pigs, and members of Parliament."  

Alright, Animals!

Meet another potential interesting frog find:

21 Apr

Too Cute Tuesday: Dogs Failing in the Most Hilarious of Ways (VIDEO)

Dogs who fail at being dogs

Posted by Disturb Reality on Sunday, April 5, 2015

We couldn't resist sharing this video compiling a variety of dog fails. You gotta love dogs - they try so hard!

Want to find your perfect dog breed? Visit our dog breed selector!

In the meantime, check out our Doggone It! playlist and some fun Dogs 101 video below!

21 Apr

Search for the Loch Ness Monster With Google

Screengrab from

If you head to Google today, you might be surprised at the big find featured in their Doodle: Nessie the Loch Ness Monster!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.54.13 AM

Google is celebrating the 81st anniversary of when the first photo of the elusive sea monster "Nessie" was taken. On April 19, 1934, Col. Robert Wilson captured a grainy, black and white photograph of what many have claimed to be a serpent-like creature rising out of the Scotland waters, according to ABC News.

Want to search for Nessie yourself? Google Maps has created an underwater streetview app that let's you comb through the Loch Ness waters in search of the elusive creature yourself.

Want to learn more about the Loch Ness Monster? Check out this River Monsters clip below:

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