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30 Jan

Flashback Friday: The Coolest Treehouse Ever Built

Contributed by Tory Jones

Get an in-depth look at how the beautiful designs inside these treehouse masterpieces come together with Treehouse Masters' own Tory Jones. Find out more about the treehouse in the premiere episode of Treehouse Masters, The Coolest Treehouse Ever Built, in this blog post!



Outside of Portland, Maine restaurateurs Nancy and Rob Pugh wanted a luxurious arboreal bedroom to would complete their communal compound that started with a yurt.


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29 Jan

Rare Megamouth Shark Discovered, Washed Ashore in Philippines

A rare 15-foot megamouth shark was found washed ashore in the Philippines. The elusive fish was dead on discovery by local fishermen.

There have only been 66 reported sightings of the shark, Megachasma pelagios, with only 60 of those confirmed.  The species was only discovered in 1976.

#ThrowbackThursday: Remember this sighting from last Spring? >> "Rare Megamouth 'Alien Shark' Species Caught Off Japan Coast"

The megamouth can grow to 17 feet in length and they live in very deep ocean waters. The fish has been discovered in Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Photo: YouTube video

The cause of death is yet to be determined by researchers. Keep up with the latest at the Facebook page of the Marine WIldlife Watch of the Philippines, who originally posted photos of the discovery >>

And, (if you speak Tagalog) watch the latest reports from the Philippines:

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28 Jan

Animals Frolicking in the Snow


Cat snowAs Winter Storm Juno slammed into the Northeast this week, snow was on everyone's mind. Flights were cancelled, schools were closed and the roads were treacherous. Many have spent the last few days digging out.

Now that the worst is over, this video of cute animals frolicking in the snow is a good reminder that sometimes, you just have to give in and enjoy the winter weather! 

28 Jan

Puppy Bowl and Uber Partner to Bring You Puppies on Demand!


Are you jumping at the chance to cheer for Team Ruff or Team Fluff? We've got good news for you today: we're partnering with UBER and animal organizations across 10 cities so adorable puppies can be delivered right to your door!

In celebration of Puppy Bowl Sunday, if you're in Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, DC, Denver, Indianapolis,  LA, Phoenix or Seattle, you can have an adorable carload of pups delivered straight to your office in a few simple steps.

From Uber:


  1. Open your Uber app on Wednesday, January 28, between 11am & 3pm.
  2. Request the “PUPPIES” option in your app. Puppy Bowl can only be delivered to offices. In DC? Enter promo code DCpuppies to unlock the option in your app.
  3. Once the puppies arrive, you and your friends will get to enjoy 15 minutes of puppy cuteness! PRO TIP: Make sure to have an enclosed space ready for Team Ruff and Team Fluff game time!*
  4. Found your Most Valuable Pup? All puppies are eligible for adoption!

*If you’re lucky enough to request puppies to your office, please make sure your boss or building is going to be cool with the woofs and that no one in the area is allergic. Also, having a dedicated room for puppy playtime is preferred.

Fifteen (15) minutes of puppy playtime is $30, but the good news is that the money goes straight back to the participating animal organization in your city! So, not only are you celebrating Puppy Bowl and playing with adoptable pups, you're also helping great causes.

Check out the great participating organizations:

If you're new to Uber, download the app and use code PUPPYBOWL2015 to receive $20 off your first ride!

Uber not in your city? Don't worry! You can watch adorable puppies THIS SUNDAY at 3/2c when they head to the gridiron for PUPPY BOWL XI!

27 Jan

Puppy Bowl Takes Over Good Morning America!

Are you ready for some football? Well, Puppy Bowl Sunday (what some others might refer to as "Super Bowl Sunday") is just around the corner. The puppies prepared with a mini-scrimmage on Good Morning America today, and the result was utter cuteness... Even if there wasn't too much football-retrieving going on.

Check out the action below!

World News Videos | ABC World News

Want more? Tune in THIS SUNDAY, FEB 1 at 3/2c, and see adoptable puppies in action!

25 Jan

Learn More About Treehouse Masters' 'Treehive Beehive'

Contributed By Tory Jones

Get an in-depth look at how the beautiful designs inside these treehouse masterpieces come together with Treehouse Masters' own Tory Jones. Find out more about the Treehive Beehive inside this blog post!


Donald and Alison Farmer’s beehive treehouse was an unusual request – not just because the exterior was so different, but also because the space was very small and Alison did not want furniture inside. Instead, she wanted shelving and soft places to sit.  My solution was to have my trusted carpenter Lisa Mei Ling Fong build 22 hexagonal shelving units to create a modular hive like structure inside so it would act as shelving, cabinets and surfaces. The modular hive cells were then painted primary colors; some were backed with mirrors and some were fronted by stained glass by a local artist from Whidbey Island Dennis Meszaros of Meazaros Glass Studio.

Dennis not only fronted the cabinets, but did a custom hive hexagonal window for the front door that hints at what is to be revealed inside.  Not wanting to waste anything, he then took the leftover pieces of glass and formed hanging hex mosaics in the kiln to hang from the ceiling.  The effect it creates is as thought you are inside a kaleidoscope.


For the hive lighting, I needed a fixture that would emit the shadows of hive life, so I put out a call to the Seattle based knitting and crochet group Web of Dreams and Zippy La Rue. One of the happy (crochet) hookers answered my quest and knitted up two fantastic globes. It's the bee's knees!


For the flooring I sourced pure New Zealand wool felted shag carpet and cut and patterned it into yet another series of hexagons and top it off by adding soft bean bags from Comfy Sack.

23 Jan

Puppy Bowl XI: You're Gonna Hear Her ... ROWR! Katty Furry to Headline Kitty Halftime Show

In case you missed it, PUPPY BOWL XI is right around the corner!  And, this year, the Bissell Kitty Halftime show is blowing it out with a very special guest — the one, the only, the fabulous, feline sensation ... KATTY FURRY!


That's right — she'll be headlining everyone's most anticipated TV event of the year on PUPPY BOWL SUNDAY and performing her chart-topping hits! Here's a sneak peek >>

Katty Furry brings the MEOW to the doggy dog party and trust us — you won't want to miss this!  All the COOLEST puppy lovers will be watching. SEE? —


V important puppy bowl meeting 🐶🏈

KATY PERRY (@katyperry) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf (Oca 22, 2015 at 9:47ös PST)


Tune in Sunday, Feb. 1, at 3 p.m. for PUPPY BOWL XI


In the meantime, watch the PUPPY BOWL Pregame Show to get all the details on the big day:



And, who will win that other game taking place on PUPPY BOWL SUNDAY?  Watch our puppies predict the winner:

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21 Jan

Orcas in the Wild Put On a REAL Show Worth Seeing, Off California Coast

Paddle boarder Rich German has always dreamt of seeing Orcas in the wild. Well, earlier this month, his dream came true ... and it was SPECTACULAR:

Photo: YouTube image

Gray whales, blue whales and orcas can be seen off the coast of Southern California this time of year making their annual migration. Though, orcas are not as commonly seen.  But, thanks to German, he captured the beautiful footage for all of us to now enjoy! Check out his full video which happened off the coast of Laguna Beach, Calif. a couple weeks ago:


For more on the latest in orca news, visit our friends at The Dodo >>

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21 Jan

Meet Mini-Moby the White Porpoise

Mini Moby 2

Meet Mini-Moby the white harbor porpoise. Named after Moby Dick, the famous fictional white whale from the Herman Melvin book of the same name, Mini-Moby is an exceptional animal in more ways than one.

First, the condition that causes his white coloration is very rare. Mini-Moby is leucistic. Leucism is a genetic condition that causes an animal to lack pigmentation and appear white or mostly white (albinism is similar, but causes a total lack of pigmentation). Mini-Moby is mostly white with some darker coloration on his fins. Harbor porpoises are normally a gray color.

Second, harbor porpoises are special because they have made a remarkable comeback in the last few years in the San Francisco Bay, where they were absent for decades.  The return of the species is a notable wildlife recovery success story in these times where the news about wildlife populations is usually bad. Here's a great video about the recovery.

Here's an excerpt about the work biologists are doing to study these harbor porpoises, Mini-Moby in particular, from an upcoming book by my National Wildlife Federation colleague Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, NWF's California Director. NWF is partnering with and supporting Golden Gate Cetacean Research's work on harbor porpoises.  

Mini Moby 1“If it seems like making these connections from pattern identification would be an extremely time-consuming endeavor, then you are understanding the process. It requires an insane level of attention to detail. Sometime nature cuts the researchers a break with a very distinct looking animal. Take for instance, Mini-Moby. It’s a cetacean anyone can be trained to recognize. Mini-Moby is an albino porpoise first spotted in the Bay in 2011. He’s pretty hard to miss,” observes Bill, “he’s definitely the most recognizable porpoise in the Bay Area, if not the entire coast of California.” Almost entirely white, black accents decorate his dorsal fin and blowhole as if he donned the porpoise version of a tuxedo.

In the past 100 years, only a small number white porpoises have been documented worldwide, ranging in causes from true albinism to leucistic (reduced pigmentation) to hybridization with another animal. A GGCR paper, “First Record of Anomalously White Harbor Porpoises from the Pacific Ocean” characterized Mini-Moby’s condition as leucistic and also noted these animals appear to have a normal life span and despite their unique color don’t appear to be ostracized by their peers. Since Mini-Moby has proved social with other porpoises, he’s also employed as a natural marker for their research to track movements of his porpoise companions over time.

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20 Jan

SHOW RECAP: Finding Bigfoot in Minnesota

Revisit last night's episode of #FindingBigfoot with Animal Planet's SHOW RECAP! Tune in to the SEASON FINALE Sunday at 10/9c!
Watch Aninal Planet LIVE's Bigfoot Cam for some at-home squatching!

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