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11 Feb

Mudhole Dog Reunites With The Construction Workers Who Saved Him

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Christian Cotroneo from

For months, construction workers would show up at their North Carolina job site like clockwork. And every morning, they were met by the same sorrowful scene from a yard across the street.

A dog had been living in a muddy pen, on a Hendersonville property slated for demolition. He would run to the fence, his tail wagging feverishly. The construction workers were his only visitors and rarely saw anyone emerge from the house, except to occasionally throw dry dog kibble over the fence, where it scattered in the mud.

The workers would share their sandwiches with him. Other days, they'd bring spare construction materials and build him a makeshift shelter from the elements.

The dog, who they named Demo, was all licks and gratitude for every scrap of compassion. At some point, a worker, worried about the dog's condition, called an animal rescue.

The story, published in The Dodo last month, won the dog a legion of admirers from around the world. The day after it ran, Demo's day finally came — he was taken in by the Blue Ridge Humane Society.

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11 Feb

Dog and Baby Play With Bubbles, One of Them CAN'T Handle It

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Milo the Chihuahua and his baby best friend were hanging out one day when suddenly — bubbles appeared.

At first, Milo didn't realize what the baby was so excited about ...

"Milo, dude, LOOK at this!"

But then it suddenly hit him and he FLIPPED OUT.

The baby thought Milo's freak-out was just a tad embarrassing.

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11 Feb

Chicken Finds New Best Friend and Refuses to Leave Him

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(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

A woman went out to check on her horse, Rocky, and found a sight she'd never seen before: a chicken perched peacefully on Rocky's head.

"Rocky, what are you doing with that chicken?" the woman said in the video, but Rocky didn't seem to mind, and the chicken certainly wasn't going anywhere ...

... in fact, the two seemed quite fond of each other. Rocky even acted protective towards his new friend, nuzzling up to her and making it known that he definitely wanted her there.

"Rocky get away from that chicken," the woman said, but Rocky refused to listen. He was perfectly content with their forbidden love — and clearly, the horse-loving chicken was too.

Check out the full video of this chicken and horse below:

After ordering a special sling, gathering experts, and finding a helicopter and pilot, it's time for Lucky to be moved into a safer area for recovery. 

11 Feb

That's the Spirit: Alaska Wild Rose Hips and Crowberries

How and Why We Picked This: I came up with the idea for an Alaska Rose Hip Vodka from reminiscing about my childhood and my grandmothers homesteader skills. Like a lot of Alaskans, I come from a pioneering family, that for going to the grocery store for a loaf of bread wasn't a practice option. Folks made do and made almost all their meals from scratch. This included putting up (canning) fruits and vegetables during the harvesting season.  My grandmother, like a lot of old-timers was an expert at making delicious jams and jellies (a couple that even won in the Alaska State Fair a time or two). One of my favorites was her Alaska wild rose hip jelly, another was her crowberry preserve. Why not combine the two?  What could possibly go wrong?

Shane, Toby, and Andy on the hunt of wild rose hips.


What We Expected: You really never know what you are going to end up with when creating a new spirit flavor. I knew that Nana made some excellent rose hip jelly and that if we could turn that flavor into a good vodka; we would have a hit. Some of my fondest memories are of my family canning the bounty of Alaska.  Moose, salmon, berries and vegetables, we canned it all for use over the long Alaska winter. It's that bounty and taste of Alaska that I'm trying to put into a bottle.

What Actually Happened: Like I said, you never really know what you are going to end up with when trying to create something new. There isn't a recipe you can get from a book or off the internet, a lot of what we do is trial and error. Mostly error.

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11 Feb

Camera Trap Photos of Elusive African Wildlife are Stunning

How great are these wildlife images from World Wildlife Fund? Here's more on how they were captured and how they are helping in wildlife conservation from WWF:

"Will Burrard-Lucas (the inventor of the BeetleCam!), set up five camera traps and gathered images over a three month period to secure high-definition photographs of shy, skittish carnivores. On assignment for WWF, Burrard-Lucas captured unique photos of servals, hyenas, bush pigs, lions and elephants in the Namibia region of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, known as KAZA.

The images will help WWF scientists better understand wildlife migration patterns and subsequently establish additional protected areas. Camera traps are a preferred method of surveying land use and movement of large carnivores because they don’t interfere with wildlife’s natural, daily activities. The traps are able to collect valuable images of wildlife without a photographer needing to be present.  

Encompassing 109 million acres and crossing five southern Africa countries—Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe— KAZA is the largest transboundary conservation area in the world. It provides habitat for nearly 50% of Africa’s elephant population.

WWF works with the governments of KAZA and also helps local communities to manage and benefit from the sustainable management of their natural resources. Species conservation and nature-based enterprise development are also part of our ongoing work in KAZA. A KAZA Carnivore Conservation Coalition is in the process of being formed following the very successful Carnivore Conservation Workshop held in October 2015 in Hwange National Park, in Zimbabwe."

Such innovative projects combine the art of photography and technology to help with the science of conservation planning. Learn more about WWF's work to protect wildlife. 

Spotted hyena burrad lucas wwf
Spotted hyena captured on camera trap by Burrard-Lucas Photography and WWF.

10 Feb

Friendly Dog Runs into the Ocean to Say Hello to a Shark

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(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

Leave it a dog to demonstrate the proper way to regard a scary-looking animal.


While out for a walk along a beach in Western Australia recently, this friendly pup named Koda had a completely drama-free encounter with a large shark swimming near shore. Rather than run to dry land for safety, as some skittish humans might, the dog instead bounded out into the surf as if to greet the curious creature passing by while keeping a safe distance.

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10 Feb

Zookeeper Dressed as Zebra Escapes From Zoo... Wait, What?

Animal zoo escapes are rare here in the United States, only happening about five times a year. However, when an animal does get on the loose, the zoo keepers need to know how too wrangle them. 

But how can zoo keepers practice wrangling a wild animal without actually letting a wild animal free? Zoos usually have a written protocol, but in practice catching a rogue animal is easier said than done. Remember when the black and white llamas escaped a assisted living facility in Arizona? Just llamas were a struggle, imagine if it was a lion or cheetah!

Well, the Tokyo Zoo has created it's own system of capturing animals on the loose... and it involves a staff member and a zebra costume.



Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but pretty close. In this drill, a staff member dresses up and runs around the street like a zebra would. The rest of the staff practices herding capturing the "zebra" in a net.

screenshot from Daily Mail Online Video

This annual drill may seem silly at first, but it is actually good practice if an escape ever were to happen. 

screenshot from Daily Mail Online Video

This annual drill has become a spectacle to the locals. People crowd around and take photos of the peculiar procedure.

screenshot from Daily Mail Online Video

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10 Feb

Mama Orangutan Stares in Awe at Woman Breastfeeding

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Chloe Bryan from

Melbourne mom Elizabeth Hunt Burrett had a lovely interaction with another parent at the Melbourne Zoo this weekend.

Her new friend? A curious orangutan.

"While celebrating my daughter's 3rd birthday at the Melbourne Zoo my 13 week old got hungry while we were in the orangutan enclosure," Burrett wrote in a Facebook post. "I took him into a quiet corner away from the crowd to feed."

But before long, a zoo orangutan — a mom herself, according to Burrett — had come to investigate, and she watched Burrett with quiet awe.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.25.02 PM

"It was the most beautiful thing!!!" Burrett wrote.

Orangutan babies stay with their mothers for up to eight years after their birth. They may nurse for up to four years — sometimes longer. Burrett also reported that no one made any unkind remarks about her breastfeeding in public. Perhaps they noticed that all moms are the same after all.

To help support International Animal Rescue, which cares for injured and displaced orangutans, you can make a donation here.

An orangutan at the Great Ape Trust is demonstrating that these great apes possess highly developed skills of recognition.

10 Feb

Baby Elephant Follows His Rescuer Absolutely Everywhere

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Baby Moyo was found when he was only a few days old, nearly drowned after being swept away from his family while trying to cross a river. He was brought to Wild Is Life, where Roxy Danckwerts, the sanctuary's founder, became his everything.

When Moyo was still very small, he used to follow Danckwerts around her house, never wanting to let her out of his sight. Now 14-months-old, Moyo still loves to follow Roxy everywhere ... but his rapidly growing size makes this a little tricky.

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10 Feb

8 Different Kinds of Valentine's Days Told By Animals - Which One Will You Have?

Valentine's Day is upon us which means a lot of different things for different people.

For some, it's a day consisting of hanging out with friends, basking in being single and free; for others, it's an excuse to get all dressed up with your S.O. and gett a fancy dinner. 

Here's all the different types of Valentine's Days you can have as told by our furry friends. 

 1. A Passionate Love Triangle Conundrum

Maybe this Valentine's Day is going to be a little uncomfortable for you because you don't know your relationship status. These sloths get it. A sloths life may seem simple on the outside--slowly moving from branch to branch... eating one... leaf... at... a... time. But when it's mating season and girlfriend Samantha catches the eye of an eligible slothalor (sloth-bachelor), it turns into a stressful situation for Mr. Sunshine, her "long term companion" (aka, friend with benefits). Who do you side with: Mr. Sunshine or Romeo?  

2. A Honey-Moon Stage Love

...with someone you weren't expecting to be attracted to! Is there something more there? Will this Valentine's Day date lead to forever? Let Charles the Kudu and Camilla the Giraffe show you that you can fall in deep love with whoever, no matter their species. 

 3. A Fun Night Doing What You Love with Friends

Maybe you're not in a relationship, but that's not an excuse to not celebrate love! You'll be spending the evening eating the foods you love with the friends you love. However, hopefully your friends won't surprise you with the secret that Maria surprised Dominic with...

4. Self-Pamper Time

You're smart and taking advantage of all the Valentine's Day spa and massage deals! There's nothing wrong with spending some "me time" this Valentines Day. Hopefully you can get as relaxed as this golden retriever!

                                                        via GIPHY

Or maybe you can fancy yourself an all natural tea-bath like these baby sloths are getting: 


5. Spend the Day With Your Long-Term Love

Whether you've been dating for 10 years or married for 50, Valentine's Day is a great excuse to remind your soulmate how much you appreciate them. Meet Judith and Tariq, two geese that have been together for 8 years and are still going strong. 

 6. Going and Seeking Out Next Year's Valentine 

Maybe you're single this year, but you want to take advantage of the day to find someone to spend next year with! Since it may be awkward to go on a first date on V-Day, you head to the bars or club. Now is the time to bust out your best lines and dance moves. These flamingos have "nine signature moves" - what do you have?

7. A Long-Distance Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be tough when your person is away. Whether they're in school across the country, serving in the military or can't make it home for some reason, Valentine's Day is a tough one when you're apart. But don't worry, one day hopefully you will be reunited like this pitbull, Roxy, and her owner. (Warning: tears may occur). 

 8. A Special Day with the Kids

Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be romantic. If you have kids you might just want to settle down and spend some quality time reminding them how much you love them. Watch this single mom, a Portuguese water dog named Boston, try to wrangle her newborn babies for dinner. She is working so hard, but it's all for love!

There are all kinds of Valentine's Days to have. Whether you're single or in a relationship or something in between, you can still make it great!

But in the end, I think all any of us want is someone to be as excited about us coming home as this boxer is:

                                               via GIPHY


Was this article not relevant to you because you despise Valentine's Day? Check out last year's blog post: 

Single Goats Scream Like Humans in Horror, Disapprove of Valentine's Day


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