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2 Sep

Man Takes Leisurely Bike Ride ... Straight Into Kangaroo Apocalypse

When this biker went for a leisurely ride, he didn't expect to head directly into the setting for the freakiest horror movie EVER. Enter hordes of 'roos:


Though, these cutiepies were probably more frightened of spandex'ed human beelining it toward them!

Watch YouTuber Ben Vezina's video below as he rides through Hawkstowe Park, near Melbourne, Australia. And, makes a ton of new kangaroo buddies. Well, they don't seem to be too fond of him. (Excuse the expletives -- but, we totally understand, Ben!)


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2 Sep

Garbagemen Heard Tiny Cries For Help In All This Trash

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Stephen Messenger from

This kitten needed a hero — and thankfully he found three of them in the nick of time.

Two garbagemen in Stockholm, Sweden, were getting ready to haul food waste to an incinerator when they heard the sound of a distressed cat emanating from their truck's holding compartment. Since the trash inside was piled up so high, they couldn't see where the animal was hiding — but they refused to ignore his cries for help.

The pair called their colleague, Bekir Mercil, who offered his assistance in delivering the kitty to safety. Considering what they'd have to sift through to find him, that was no small gesture.

It's unclear how the cat came to be trapped inside the truck, but Mercil told the that one thing was certain — they weren't going to rest until he was rescued, no matter how unpleasant a task that would be. So Mercil met the two others at a dump where they carefully sifted through an estimated five tons of rotting food to find the cat.

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2 Sep

Sea Snake and Stonefish Found Locked in Battle

Sea Snake and Stone Fish

Spear fisherman Rick Trippe was heading back home from a day of fishing off the coast of Australia when he spotted something in the water. What he found was completely unexpected.

"It was a big sea snake, but I couldn't quite make it out what kind of snake it was," Trippe told CNN Tuesday. "Its head was biting a stonefish close to its tail area, and the fish had a huge bite into the snake."

At first glance it seems that the snake would win this fight due to its size. However, both of these sea creatures are highly venomous and could kill the other. Stonefish, or Synanceia, are the most venomous fish in the world while all known species of sea snake are some of the most venomous snakes in the world. 

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2 Sep

New Rescue Kitten Forges Surprising Bond with Roommate's Dog

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Anna Swartz from

Bringing a new pet into a home can be a bit of an adventure. Redditor DontStartUnbelieving had no idea how his roommate's dog, Bodhi, would react when he brought home Maxx, his little rescue kitten. So he decided to document it.

"This is my roommate's dog Bodhi."


"And this is my boy Maxx. I got Maxx shortly after I moved in with my roommate."



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2 Sep

19 Animals You Never See as Babies

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Ameena Schelling from

Everybody knows what a puppy or a kitten looks like. But there are some equally awesome animals that, for some reason, we just never see when they're young.

That ends now. Here are 20 animals that we all recognize, but never see as babies.

1. Chinchillas  

2. Pigeons

3. Porcupines 

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2 Sep

She Waited 9 Long Years for This Day to Finally Come

Dodo Circular

(Guest psost by Stephen Messenger from

For nearly a decade, Bridget the dog had waited and waited, hoping to simply find someone to love her. Now, her long wait is over.

The sweet but timid rat terrier was around 2 years old when she first wound up at the Animal Care Society in Louisville, Kentucky. Although she was playful at first, eager to begin a new life as somebody's pet, Bridget's happy spirit seemed to dampen with time — though it's hard to fault her for that. As the years dragged on, the dog kept being overlooked by potential adopters who seemed to prefer more recent arrivals with a bit more pep.

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2 Sep

Mother Bear Teaches Her Baby How to Swim

Dodo Circular

(Guest post by Caitlin Jill Anders from

Rarely do we get to see baby animals learning in the wild, but when we do, it's beyond amazing. Colorado Outdoors Magazine put a call out for "Trail-Cam" photos, and one reader definitely pulled through.

A photo was captured of a mother bear letting her cub ride on her back as they made their way down a river. It almost looks like a scene straight out of the movie "Brother Bear," or any other heartwarming animal movie.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 5.15.44 PM

The most beautiful part of this picture is the fact that this mother and cub duo are undisturbed, free to live their lives and be themselves out in the wild. These two definitely have more freedom than other mother and child duos in captivity, and that's exactly the way it should be.

Get ready for more bears on the season premiere of Rugged Justice Sunday at 8/7c! What can you expect? Get a sneak peek below:

2 Sep

Man Catches Fish With a Drone (VIDEO)

In case fishing as a pastime wasn't exciting enough, you can start fishing with drones, as this video shows.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg shows step by step how he managed to catch a fish using a drone as opposed to a fishing pole. Perhaps this is the next thing in extreme fishing? Can you imagine Jeremy Wade employing this method? We think that the drone might not last against some of the monsters Jeremy meets.

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2 Sep

On Your Mark, Get Set, SWIM! (VIDEO)

Welcome to the Dachshund Water Races

Posted by So DogGone Funny on Thursday, March 19, 2015

Labor Day weekend is rapidly approaching which generally marks the end of summer. But don't tell these water-loving Dachshunds that! Watch them compete in the Dachshund Open and cheer on your favorite!

These pups aren't the only ones who love to swim. Check out a puppy swimming with his best friend!

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1 Sep

Behind the Scenes: Magical Party Pad Treehouse

Contributed by Tory Jones

Get an in-depth look at how the beautiful designs inside these treehouse masterpieces come together with Treehouse Masters' own Tory Jones. Find out more about the Magical Party Pad Treehouse inside this blog post!

Rhonda and Roxy are sisters who share a family home in the Platte River Valley near Omaha, Neb.  Although Rhonda and her husband live in Florida, they visit often and wanted an adult party clubhouse.  Pete stepped up his game and delivered a fantasy castle treehouse on the back of their property, which included a copper capped turret.


The sisters love their martinis and cocktail time, so a heavily outfitted bar was a starting point, things are kept cool with a wine frig from Haier.

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