Top 7 Animal Oddities of the Week - Nov 21, 2013


I present to you my top seven Animal Oddities for this week.

7. Extinct "Halloween Frogs" Rediscovered
A very odd and cool looking frog species that was thought to be extinct is actually clinging to existence. Biologists have disovered a population in Costa Rica.

Atelopus varius

Photo by Brian Gratwicke via Flickr Creative Commons.


6.  Barking Kitten
This tiny, kitten that barks like a dog will fill you with the cutes. You cannot watch this little furball and not smile. Also, her name is Bun Bun. 


5. How Animal See
Ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of you pet dog or cat? What about a fly or a snake? Different creatures have very different eye structures, and as a result, see the world in very different ways.  This video demonstrates what other species see, and it's pretty awesome.


4. Troll-Haired Insects 
Remember those troll dolls, the so-ugly-they're-cute ones with the wild tuft of brightly-colored hair? Well, turns out that Mother Nature has made her very own version.


Photo by Cali4beach via Flickr Creative Commons.


3. Piano Playing Elephant
This piano-playing elephant is pretty adorable, but man, he can use some lessons.


2. Deformed Frogs - The Good News
There's some good news for frogs and toads in National Parks. A new study shows that the rates of deformity are low compared to previous years.

Deformed leopard frog

Photo by Oregon State University via Flickr Creative Commons.


1. Shark Chokes on Moose
Greenland sharks are large and prehistoric-looking and are found in frigid northern waters. They are bottom feeders and scavengers and rarely observed. So when two men came across a beached Greenland shark in Newfoundland, it was definitely an odd sight.  The situation became even stranger when they realized the shark was apparently choking on a large hunk of moose hide.  Find out what happened next here.  

Watch extreme angler Jeremy Wade fishing for a Greenland shark.

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