Is Sundance Creature Real?


I came across this video recently shot in Sundance, Utah. It's footage of dark woods along a roadside taken by some people who claim they saw something standing in the trees as they drove by, so they turned around to see if they could catch whatever it was on camera.

This is what they saw:


Looks like just about every other "Bigfoot" video you've seen, right? (Except the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, of course.) It's blurry, quick, non-conclusive. Clearly this video is a hoax, right?  It's got better than average actors, but the rest seems all-too-convenient: it's dark and spooky out, and the creature is still just standing on the side of the road even though if it was real it would clearly have seen their car coming. Why would such a purportedly elusive creature just stand on the side of a road?

Then I watched this analysis done by a guy who goes by the name ThinkerThunker on Youtube:

Pretty interesting, right? The probablity of some undescribed giant primate existing in North America is pretty slim, but the ThinkerThunker video does a good job at showing the significant difference in mass and size of the creature in the video when compared to a human. That's pretty hard to fake using a costume, at least one that moves. CGI is a possiblity, but these kinds of things tend to be pounced on by people with better video analysis skills than me, and I haven't seen anything online saying that this is clearly CGI (which doesn't mean it isn't).

Perhaps the monster geek in me is getting the better of the naturalist part of me, but I think the questions this kind of thing raises are fascinating. What do you think?   

Sundance Creature

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