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Dalmatian SingsI've a special place in my heart for dalmatians, having grown up with one.  My dalmatian was pretty awesome and talented, especially when it came to swiping food from the table when no one was looking and bolting out the front door to go on a neighborhood walkabout every time my sister opened it (or so it seemed to me, who had to go chase her down and bring her home).

As talented as she was, however, she could not sing as well as the dog in this video. 

Special thanks to reader Wayne Perkins for sharing this.

On a more serious side note, in my experience dalmatians are not a breed for beginners.  They need a lot of exercise and a lot of mental stimulation in order to be happy and healthy.  If they don't get these things, they can become bored and develop bad behaviors.  

Always research a breed before you decide to add a dog to your family, and be sure to adopt your new pet (if you must have a certain breed, most have dedicated rescue groups, so you can still adopt).

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