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Cricket Song Slowed Down Sounds Like Angels Singing


Musical composer Jim Wilson took the chirping song of crickets and slowed it way down, and the result it truly fantastic.  

When slowed down, the cricket song sounds like a chorus of tiny human singers, or probably more accurately the best acapela group in the universe, since the gentle harmonies and hypnotic, otherworldly rhythm of the cricket "music" is made up entirely of sound generated by their bodies rather than musical instruments. Which makes sense, since, you know, crickets can't play musical intruments.

Take a listen to the amazingly odd phenomenon below. It would be eerie if it weren't so beautiful. You could even say it's angelic.

UPDATE 11/27/13: Since this was posted, the story has gone viral and it's been revealed that it's it might not be 100 percent accurate.  Sources such as and have posted additional information that indicate that while the recordings are indeed of the chirping of crickets slowed way down, that the composer might have done some additional arrangement to result in the beautiful harmony in the sound clip below.

Nothing is wrong with with doing that, as long as it's presented as art and not strict biology, which is what I (and many others) did in my original post. Just wanted to put the correct information out there. I find the sound of crickets lovely even at normal speed. 

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